Sep. 15th, 2006 01:30 am
I cooked a great big common meal tonight. Fish, rice, broccoli and salad for 72 people. It was pretty easy, and people liked it a lot. I came home from dinner and settled in to read email, etc. Around 9 pm I started feeling really tired and not quite right. Last night was a really rough night - Liam was up a lot - so I figured I just needed to go to bed. Woke up around 10:30 with an upset stomach and the knowledge that this was not going to be a good night.

I hate throwing up. I really, really, really hate throwing up.

Eric seems to be fine, and no one has posted anything to the community email list, so I'm assuming this is a stomach bug and I didn't give the entire community food poisoning. It occurs to me just as I write this that I was licking some raw cake batter off my fingers this afternoon - perhaps I picked up some salmonella from the eggs. In which case everyone else should be fine.

It's been quite a while since the last episode, but I still don't feel well enough to fall asleep, so I'm sitting up watching TV and doing a little bit of LJ.
I gave up and headed home shortly after 1, realizing while on the road that between exhaustion and low blood sugar, I probably really shouldn't have been driving. Was halfway home when my coworker called to see how the proposal was going. "Umm, what proposal? I never got anything from anyone about it." I told her I'd call her back after I got some sleep.

Arriving home safe and sound, I had lunch and tried to take a nap, but as usual, failed utterly. Got up, called said coworker. She takes responsibilty for never closing the loop with me and telling me where anything is. I told her I wasn't feeling well enough to drive back into the office, but that I could work from home, so I've just spent the last half hour giving the proposal a once-over and cleaning up some formatting and organizational issues. She's going to go into the office later to print it out and take it to Fed Ex.

What the hell kind of crazy government entity makes a proposal due on July 5, anyway?

Turns out the reason Eric couldn't get out of bed this morning is because he's sick. Bronchitis or something (he seems to get it almost monthly). In any case, exhausted and coughing up crud. And right now, lying on the couch snoring. Do you know how hard it is to work when someone is snoring? I tried to wake him up and get him to move twice, and both times he just changed positions and fell right back to sleep. I'd have moved myself, but damn our open floor plan, there's no other work suitable space in the house that would have actually gotten me away from the noise. Snoring has to go on the list with fingers on the chalkboard as sounds that drive me utterly batshit.

And on that note, I think I'll go upstairs and read or something, before I submit to this nearly overwhelming desire to smother the noise with a pillow. (Understand dear, that I don't want to smother you, just the sound coming out of your nostrils. And I know you can't help it, but that doesn't make me any happier about listening to it.)


Mar. 25th, 2006 06:18 am
Sore throat, scratchy eyes, itchy ears (the insides, not the outsides). This morning I remembered to take some zinc/echinacea/vit c tabs - if I'd been really on the ball, I would have started taking those on Tuesday, when the sick child was spraying saliva all over me. Or even last night, when I first started feeling non-right. Duh.

I still expect to be at the Stilyagi party tonight, but I won't be giving hugs. And no sloppy kisses, that's for darn sure. :-)
Sudafed is a beautiful thing. Even if I did have to go to the pharmacy counter to acquire such dangerous contraband. Within a half hour of taking it, the sinus pain that extended from my head, through my face and neck and halfway down my chest and back was just gone. Glorious. Of course, that was 5 hours ago now, and the congestion is slowly building again, but it certainly made for a more comfortable afternoon. I won't take anymore today, for fear of not being able to sleep tonight (although remarkably, I was able to nap for a while this afternoon).


Feb. 4th, 2006 07:10 pm
My turn. Eric is feeling mostly better today, thankfully, because I'm feeling increasingly crappy as the day goes on. Sore throat and sinus headache mostly, although I'm now feeling the aches and pains all through my neck and back and head and face and arms. Damn sinuses. I don't want to take a decongestant, because then I'll be up all night, so I'll just keep popping Tylenol, I guess. Took a hot bath, which helped some. Probably go to bed early.

Liam is feeling much better too, which is good, of course, but also bad, because he's much easier to look after when he's sick and cuddly than when he wants to run around and play. He's having a lot of separation anxiety right now and is really mom-centric at the moment, which makes it hard on all of us for me to disappear to nurse myself back to health, leaving him in his dad's most capable hands. I did get a nap earlier today, which was good and very necessary. Those of you who know me best will know that if I was successful in taking a nap, then I must really be sick.

I just remembered that I have zinc/echinacea/vit c lozenges upstairs. Meant to start popping them this morning. Probably too late to do any good now, but can't hurt.


Dec. 26th, 2005 03:56 pm
We made it home safe and sound. There are many LJ posts about the trip in the works, but they will have to wait. It was a pretty relaxing trip until the middle of the night last night, when I woke up with diarrhea and spent the rest of the night running back and forth to the bathroom. And then this morning - to add insult to injury - I threw up too. And then had to get on a plane.

Eric's stomach has been off for a couple of days, and Liam was acting a little fussy this morning too, so I don't know if we were passing around a bug, or if it was food poisoning, or just the consequences of eating too much.

The flight was a nightmare - I ached all over and just wanted to lie down. Liam took a long nap on Eric, which was good for Liam, but not so good for his dad. I made several trips down the aisle. By the time we were on the way home from the airport I could think about food without feeling too naseous, and since getting home I've managed to drink most of a glass of water, and eat a couple of crackers. Still not feeling great. Liam's been wanting to nurse a lot because he's not feeling well, so I really need to drink more to avoid dehydration. Guess I'll go work on that now. Eric is feeling worse and I'm feeling slightly better, so he's lying down and I'm placating my toddler with Wiggles.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and feels better than I do!


Nov. 14th, 2005 09:36 pm
So, I have this lingering cold that won't go away. Every time it seems to be getting better, it comes back in a slightly different form. I blame Liam, of course - daycare is a germ factory.

Right now, the cold is characterized by a really unpleasant earache. I had this a couple times last year, and it's not nice at all. Now I know why little kids get so grouchy when they have earaches. Blah.


Sep. 11th, 2005 08:50 pm
I've never been an allergy sufferer. Or at least, I never identified as one. I often have just the slightest bit of a runny nose and keep kleenex around all the time, but it's not anything that I really paid much attention to.

Both Eric and Liam seemed to be suffering from runny, itchy noses last week with the increase in ragweed pollen, so, despite the lovely weather, we closed up the house and turned on the AC, which seemed to help quite a bit. Then Eric got his Zyrtec refilled, so we thought we'd try opening things up.

Guess I'm allergic to ragweed (or some other current seasonal pollen). Within just a couple hours of opening up the windows my nose started running and my eyes started burning. Today it was bothersome enough that I took a Claritin to see if it would help. My nose is less runny (although it still feels runny, if that makes any sense), but my eyes still feel awful. And now my mouth is dry from the medication.
A Meniere's Syndrome attack, that is.

I've had this disorder (also known as idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops - how's that for a band name?) for at least a decade now. For me, it's characterized by episodic bouts of tinnitus, vertigo and naseau. True Meniere's also causes hearing loss, which I don't have, so that makes my case a little unusual. But once they'd eliminated all other possibilities, this was the diagnosis that was left. You can read more about Meniere's here, if you you're interested.

I haven't had a severe attack in several years. It bothered me a little bit when I was first pregnant with Liam, as my body adjusted to my new, higher blood volume. But it's been a long, long time since I've been like I am today (immediately dizzy and naseous when I change position, or - god forbid - stand up), if ever. The tinnitus is also really annoying - I don't have actual hearing loss, but background noises get amplified and there's this constant buzzing and ringing in my ears.

Controlling salt intake is key to managing Meniere's. I've found that as long as I drink a lot of water everyday, then I don't have to pay too much attention to my salt. That's worked pretty well for the last few years. So it's easy for me to figure out what's caused this latest round - two days of not drinking enough water, eating too many salty foods at BBQ potlucks, and then topping it all of with my wine tasting last night. Of course knowing the why does nothing to get me any closer to feeling better.

For that, I mostly have to just wait. I'm drinking lots of water to help flush excess sodium and fluids from my body (well, as much water as I can manage given the upset stomach) and taking Dramamine to help mitigate the worst of the symptoms. While it will probably be a couple/few days before I'm back to normal, hopefully I'll only need this one day in bed.

Being able to sit up (albeit, at a 45 degree angle, supported fully by pillows) is a good sign towards recovery. As long as I don't have to hold my own head up, I seem to be able to do email and LJ and surf the net without discomfort, thanks to this handy bed tray I've got my laptop on.
Liam and I are both sick with colds. He's got a runny nose and cough, I've just got sinus congestion and a runny nose. I'd been looking forward to spring and the supposed end of cold season, but alas, not yet. :-(

Between the cold and the sleep deprivation and the period cramps, I'm not a very nice person to be around right now. I'm very grumpy and short tempered. Hope I feel better soon.

Oh No!

Apr. 14th, 2005 08:44 am
After last night's post, I'm sure no one is especially surprised to learn that now I appear to have the ick. Unlike Eric, I'm already a water fiend, so I'm not at all worried about ending up dehydrated and needing and IV, but still - the ick is no fun. Especially since I'm supposed to be cooking common meal tonight for 40 adults and 11 children. What to do?

I don't want to cancel my meal and order pizza. I've got a friend from eGullet coming in to help cook. My current working theory is to draft her as head cook and mostly sit in the dining room and give directions, so I can still serve the tortilla soup everyone's looking forward to, while at the same time avoiding spreading the ick.

The only trick will be getting a long enough window to go shopping. Although, knock on wood, after 4 quick trips to the bathroom this morning I seem to be doing okay now. Stomach is feeling a little unsettled and I'm sleepy, though.


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:40 pm
I don't like Liam being sick, but this particular sickness has a nice side effect - sleep! Last night he woke up much less frequently than usual, which was really nice for me! And today he's at the 2.5 hour point for his nap, and still sleeping (I got an hour myself at the beginning, until he wailed in his sleep and woke me up).


Apr. 11th, 2005 02:51 pm
It wasn't a one time "ate too much" oddity - the little guy just barfed all over again. No work for Tammy tomorrow either.

It's staff meeting week, so I can't say I'm all that disappointed, but still... it gets tedious being home, and I don't want to drag the vomiting boy all over town. Oh well, such is parenthood. If he has to stay home on Wednesday I'll get Eric to take a turn.
After a couple of busy weekends, Eric and I had very little planned for this past one. Friday night saw our first grilling of the season - cheeseburgers, served with steamed broccoli, salad and oven fries.

Saturday I took Liam to his friend Maya's first birthday party, and while we were out of the house Eric got a start on changing the fish tanks. Saturday night we got together with Scott and Sue for our second grilling of the season - asparagus, zucchini, portabellas, salmon, and some pan roasted potatoes. Yum. We had intentions to play a game together, but Liam continued his recent trend of not falling asleep easily at night, so instead we just had strawberry shortcake and came home.

Sunday more fish tanks were cleaned, and we tackled one of our long list of organizational tasks - organizing the utensil drawers in the kitchen. All the other drawers and cabinets also need organization, but there's only so much you can do during one baby nap. We met up with [ profile] netmouse and [ profile] murphyw for dinner at Shalimar - it was nice to see them, and nice to go out. Liam was an absolute joy - he was the cheeriest I've ever seen him. After dinner we walked around downtown a little bit, stopping into Afterwords, and the Sweetwaters so Eric could get a cappucino. To go, as we had to get the baby home to bed. Picked up a bunch of books for Liam at Afterwords - at $2.98 each, it's hard to resist. In three of them the artwork is paintings by famous artists - we got A Magical Day with Matisse, Dancing with Degas, and A Picnic with Monet. Alas, there were no copies of In the Garden wth Van Gogh (referenced on the back of the other books). But still - neat! We also got a Touch and Feel bedtime book, because he likes those a lot, and then a neat little book called Grow Up!. Each page has a different baby animal and a peekaboo window - what does a kitten grow up to be? And then you turn the page with the peekaboo window and there's a cat! Etc. The last page of course has a baby growing up to be "me!" with a little mirror. Very clever - I think Liam will like it a lot.

All of the excitment may have been too much for Liam, though. He insisted on nursing for a long, long time when we went to bed (I didn't succeed in unlatching him until close to midnight, I think). And then around 2 he woke up but didn't want to nurse. I managed to settle him by patting his back, but just a few minutes later he woke up again and barfed all over the bed. Nice thing about cosleeping - I was able to pull him out of it and settle him before he even had time to get upset. Bad thing about cosleeping - having to change the sheets on a king size bed in the middle of the night. He managed to settle down and go back to sleep really easily, but both Eric and I lied awake for a long time. I think I finally got to sleep around 3:30. Luckily, Liam slept well after that. Even when he woke up he didn't want to nurse, so it was fairly easy to settle him with just a hand on the back. Left me awfully engorged this morning, though.

Just like with a fever, he can't got to daycare if he's been vomited within 24 hours, so I'm home with him today. But I'd already arranged to give a neighbor a ride into work today, so after Liam woke up (he slept in for a while) I loaded him into the car, dropped Katie off, and took him into the office. Figured I'd grab some work to bring home. But I realized that the main thing I needed to do was get a mailing out the door, so I figured I'd see how much I could get done before he got too unhappy. He was really good - I got quite a bit done, and then when I was about to give up, I found someone to play with him and give me the extra 20 minutes I needed. (One of my coworker's adult daughters was visiting for a while before heading to the airport and was happy to play with him.)

All of the excitement meant he missed his usual morning nap, but he feel asleep the *instant* I put him in his car seat to come home. Luckily he's gotten really good at staying asleep from the car to the house, so I was able to put him in the pack-n-play, eat lunch, and compose this LJ post. Now I'd better go do some laundry before he wakes up!

Very tired

Apr. 5th, 2005 10:21 am
Liam had a rough night. Not sure why. He has a(nother) cold, but that didn't seem to be bothering him all that much. It was just that he was waking up about every hour, and having a really hard time getting settled back down. At one point we realized that he had a majorly leaky diaper, so clearly that was bothering him. And he was coughing, so we gave him some cough suppressent, changed his diaper, and that led to us getting maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. But then he was back to the awake and wiggly every hour. At one point he even managed to roll himself off the bed (but since the drop is only 8 or 10 inches, I don't think he even really noticed). Eric fled for the other bedroom at about the halfway point - glad one of us managed a good night's sleep.

It does make me realize how much Liam's sleep has improved. Yes, he still wakes up a lot in the night even on typical nights. But he used to do something like the above pretty much every night, and that was really exhausting - seemed like I never got more than 30 minutes of consecutive sleep. Now I'm habitually getting at least a couple of hours at a time. Which still doesn't seem like enough, but is certainly better than nights like last night.
Liam's not even finished taking the antibiotics for his infection, and now he's got *another* cold! Poor thing (and poor us) - he was up in the night last night, unable to breathe to nurse. We had to hose him out him twice before that got better, and he was still restless until we gave him some Advil. Now he's sleeping in - he hasn't slept until 8 in quite some time. But soon I'm going to go have to wake him up so I can get into work - poor little guy!

Sick Baby

Mar. 7th, 2005 05:23 pm
Poor Liam! He's got his first full blown ailment. No specific diagnosis to speak of, but he's on his first-ever round of antiobiotics thanks to his fever and voluminous yellow nasal discharge. As I write this, he's having a brief moment of cheerfulness and independent motion after spending essentially the entire day in my arms. Poor little boy. I got him down for a nap and had a neighbor come stay with him while I ran out to get his prescription filled. Of course he woke up 5 minutes after I left, but was fine for her, thankfully. The biggest problem is that his congestion is at times making it really hard to nurse or even to drink a bottle.

Oh wait, Liam wants to type:
[ profile] wiredferret, [ profile] nightglory, you'll make sure LB and the Lil' Pillar get the message, right? :-)

Later: Well, all the drugs must be kicking in - he's had quite the period of awakeness now, crawling all over the place and pushing his little cart around the house. Interspersed with many little visits with mom, of course. And two of the vilest smelling diapers he's ever had - must be the meds, he hasn't eaten anything unusual. But he's nursing well for the time being, so that's good. Especially since I only have about 6 ounces in the refrigerator - he blew through most of what I had saved up for daycare, and that's all I've managed to pump today (it's hard pumping when you have a crying baby who just wants to be held...)

While I'm glad he's feeling better, it was certainly easier on poor sleep deprived me when all he wanted to do was lie on the couch and cuddle. The adrenaline of the earlier part of the day has worn off, and now I'm just pooped.

No fun

Mar. 7th, 2005 09:25 am
Liam is sick. Yes, again. Started with a fever yesterday. When he woke up for the first time, he was starting to get congested. By the second time (4 am) he was too stuffed up to latch on and nurse. We weren't even able to clear him out with the blue syringe. Tried sitting up with him to promote drainage, no dice. Even sat in the bathroom with a nice steamy shower running. Every time he'd seem almost asleep, he'd pop back awake again. Finally we decided to give him a decongestant, which meant getting online ( to figure out the dosage. That must have done something, because he fell asleep on his daddy's shoulder around 5. We got back into bed, only to wake up again at 6. Liam was HUNGRY, but was still too stuffed up to nurse. He was so upset he was biting me - ouch. So we got up and I gave him a bottle of expressed milk from the fridge. He even had a hard time with that to start, but about halfway his nose finally drained enough that he could breathe through it, and after that he was even able to nurse. We both got back to sleep, until 8 when Eric's alarm went off - he starts his new job today.

He's sleeping on my lap right now while I wait for the pediatrician's office to call me back. His breathing seems rapid and labored and shallow to me, even yesterday before he got actively sick, so I want to get him checked out.

And to make the timing even worse - today is my appointment for my IUD. I don't want to miss it, since it took aver 6 weeks to get in in the first place! I think I've lined up a couple of Great Oakers to watch Liam, assuming he's well enough for me to feel okay leaving him.

Okay - I'm taking him in at 10. Initially they said that they didn't have any appointments until afternoon, and that I might want to take him to the ER, but then they called back to say they had a cancellation.
Feeling better today, in some ways. Now I just feel like I have a regular cold, rather than the flu (aka, being hit by a brick). I'm sure I'd feel even better, had I been able to get any decent amount of sleep in the last two days.

Last night I didn't get to sleep until almost 1. I tried going to sleep earlier, and lied awake, tossing and turning. So I got up and made some chamomile tea, and went back to bed when I started feeling a little sleepy. No beans. By this time Liam was waking up, so I nursed him, hoping the oxytocin and prolactin would kick in with their tranquilizer effect. Was getting kinda drifty when Liam needed to switch sides, revealing that he was lying in a wet leaky diaper. Even with Eric's help, waking up enough to change a diaper and a sleeper put the kibosh on that round. My legs were feeling kindy achy and restless, so I got up and took a hot, relaxing bath. And a Benadryl. And then it still took a long time to fall asleep.

So what the hell was that all about? I'd understand if I'd been sleeping all day long because I was sick. But I wasn't, because I haven't been tired/able to sleep during the day either.

Of course, after I did finally fall asleep Liam started waking up every half hour or so and only nursing would do. I'd just fall into a nice sleep and he'd wake me up crying. Eric got up with him at 7 when he woke up for the day, but Eric is groggy enough in the morning by the time that he got Liam out of the room I'd lost the tenuous hold I had on sleep and I've been up ever since. Not for lack of trying, mind you. Around 10 I was feeling pretty tired so I went upstairs and lied in bed for 40 minutes trying to fall asleep. Nope.

All I can say is that it fucking sucks to be me. Liam will be ready for his next nap of the day in about a half hour and I'm going to try going down with him, see if that works. Cross your fingers for me.
I seem to be feeling better. I had a bad patch in the middle of the afternoon, but things have trended upwards considerably over the last hour or so.

I miss my baby, though. When I'm at work I'm busy with other stuff so don't think about him a whole lot. Yesterday I was home without him, but too sick to think about anything but the pain I was in. Today I'm really looking forward to him getting home so I can give him a big cuddle.

And I'm hungry, too. I was vaguely nauseated all day yesterday and much of today, so real, genuine hunger seems positive.

Baby's home - gotta go!



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