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Mar. 5th, 2007 07:41 am
After all the trials and tribulations of getting this kid to sleep when he was an infant, we've got it pretty easy these days. At least at night. He goes to bed well, and mostly sleeps through. In fact, this week he had 3 nights in a row where he didn't call me in at 4 or 5 am to sleep with him, but slept all the way through until waking up for the day after 6. Cool! That streak was broken last night, when at 4 am he called out "I need to pee!" and stumbled out of his room down the hall to the bathroom, where I met him to help get that taken care of. I think that's the first time he's woken at night to pee, instead of just peeing in his diaper (we've been keeping him in a diaper at night, just in case). So that was a good reason to be up! After that, he wanted me to come in and sleep with him, and since I knew it would take him some time to get back to sleep because of the excitement of going to the bathroom, I agreed. But damn, that kid is a bed hog. He totally took over my pillow and relegated me to an uncomfortable and cramped corner.

Naps are another story. At daycare, he's still the best napper they have. But at home with Eric during the week or me on the weekends, it's becoming a big battle. He's almost three, so it's possible he's ready to start phasing it out. Although when he does finally get to sleep, he's sleeping solidly for at least an hour. And there are occasional exceptions, like the day last week when he fell asleep while Eric was reading him his naptime book.
Tonight, we had dinner with Scott and Sue, and afterwards, we played a game. 4 years ago, this was a regular occurance. Even 2 or 3 years ago it wasn't that unusual. But then our children reached an age where they were no longer content to just sleep anywhere, or could be tucked into a sling and kept happy that way. They had bedtime routines, and woe befell the parents who tried to muck with that.

But now they're old enough that things are starting to trend back the other way! Tonight we tried an experiment of putting Liam to bed at Scott and Sue's house, and it worked brilliantly. He was actually in bed a little earlier than he usually is at home, in fact. Unfortunately, Scott was feeling a little under the weather, so he and Sue are probably going to regret this decision once tomorrow comes and Scott is totally wiped out, but it was nice to be able to do this again. I look forward to trying it again in the future!

Liam and Alex are starting to play so well together. It used to be work for us parents when they were together, as we always had to be on hand to interrupt toy squabbles, etc. But now they run off and play with each other and require very little intervention from the grups. In fact, they play much better when we're not in the same room as they are. So this also speaks to great things to come in the future!

Of course, we have yet to see what the payback will be like. Liam has been quite restless since we got home, and I expect when I go up to bed (momentarily) I'm just going to crawl in with him, instead of having to wake up in half an hour...
Well, in Liam's book, anyway. At my suggestion, grandma and grandpa gave Liam a doctor's kit. He absolutely adores it. Spent the day taking people's temperatures and listening to their hearts with the stethoscope. Had to carry the little doctor's kit with him everywhere he went, including on a walk through the woods with daddy and grandpa. His favorite part is the pager. It flashes a light and makes a loud beeping sound when you push a button, and Liam has adopted it as his therapeutic method of choice. He checks your blood pressure, pronounces it "a little high" and then flashes the pager at you to make you all better. Cute, and hysterical.

They also got him a giant art kit - markers in every colour imaginable, pastels, colored pencils, paint. Most of it is beyond him at this point, but it's definitely something he'll be able to grow into. We were all set to try it out this afternoon, but in keeping with the battles of will we've been experiencing with him lately, he absolutely refused to put on the smock, so he didn't get to paint.

His other present was a Dora lamp. It's kind of an odd looking thing, but he seems to like it, and it turns out to secretly be a great gift for us parents. We've been making excellent progress on Liam's bedtime for some time now. I know we'll sound like pushovers to many of the parents on our list, but whatever. Anyway, we've gotten to the point where we are able to leave before he falls asleep. The routine these days has been to read three books, turn out the lights, tell a story, and then lie with him until he mellows out, at which point I "have to go potty" or "have to go blow my nose" and will "check on you in a few minutes." He wants us to stay with him, but he goes to sleep much faster and easier if we leave. We've been working on shortening the time we stay with him, and the Dora lamp provides the perfect mechanism for getting to the next step. It's located across the room on his dresser, so after I turn out the lamp next to the bed, I have to get up from the bed to turn out the Dora lamp, and that provides the perfect opportunity to just say goodnight and leave the room without a lot of crying and stress and fuss. At least, that's how it worked out tonight.

As for gifts for me... well, this is one of those perfect examples of my mother. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I know they don't have a lot of money, and many of the things I need are expensive or difficult to find. But I've been needing some random kitchen utensils, so I asked her for a set of wooden spoons and a slotted serving spoon. Wanting to be absolutely sure she got it right and satisfied my every desire, she bought me three identical sets of three wooden spoons, and 3 slotted spoons as well (2 of the same design, one slightly different). If one is good, then three *must* be better, right?
Liam has asked to nurse every day since I got back. At least once, sometimes more. He's not getting upset about it when I say no, but it's clearly still on his mind. I'm trying not to feel like a bad mommy, cutting him off before he was ready. It has been nice getting my body back, and I mostly haven't missed it. Yesterday he was having a tired, sick day, and was getting really stressed out and hysterical, and I wished that we were still nursing, as that was a surefire method to help him get centered and relaxed in situations like that. But we made it through.

Bedtime is going much easier these days. He's resisting Eric putting him to bed, so we've switched again, with Eric doing bath and my doing books. This used to be hard for me because Liam would want us to stay until he fell asleep and then I'd be too tired to do anything. But now I read him a few books, turn off the lights and tell him a story, and then am able to leave while he's still awake. How this happens varies from night to night. It started with me telling him that I had to go potty, and then he'd fall asleep while waiting for me to get back. I think Liam realizes that it's easier for him to fall asleep if mom or dad isn't with him, but he doesn't want to admit that. So sometimes, like tonight, he'll ask me to get him water or something like that. But he never calls for me after I leave the room, so I think it's just his way of saying he's ready to go to sleep. This is a big improvement, and seems to be resulting in him getting to sleep a little earlier too, which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, he's been waking up early since I got home from vacation. Between the time change and his cold, the last couple of days have been particularly hard - this morning he was awake at 4:30 am. I tried to get him go back to sleep, but once he woke up he started coughing, and that kept him awake. I finally gave up at 5:15 and brought him downstairs. Fortunately, Eric gave me a birthday present and took over so I could go back to bed. I hope tomorrow morning is better - 6 am pushes my limits - anything beyond that is really stretching harsh.

And that's the state of the Liam.
Now that Liam's been sleeping in his own bed in his own room for a full two weeks, we decided we were safe to set our own bed frame back up, and get off the floor! Not to mention reclaiming some real estate in the bedroom. So this afternoon, while Liam was napping, we took his mattress downstairs and brought our bed frame up. We got it all assembled, and moved the night stands back where they used to be. It will be so nice to have my own bed stand and clock on my side of the bed again! Not to mention no longer having to shimmy off the end of the bed to get up to go to the bathroom. It's so exciting. I feel all grown up.

And [ profile] legocoach - you were right. Liam was excited about the new piece of furniture in the room, and totally didn't even notice that his own bed was no longer there.
So, it's been about a week and a half now, and Liam has slept in his room every night. Most nights he has woken up enough that I need to go in to comfort him (probably around the time he used to squirm up into the big bed), and usually when that happens I'll just take my pillow in with me and go back to sleep there. He hasn't made his own way to our room since that very first time - now he just calls for us.

I'm wondering if we've made enough progress that Eric and I can put our bedframe back together and get our mattress up off the floor this weekend. But that would most likely involve removing Liam's bed from our room, and I'm not sure if he's ready for that security blanket to go away. I'll have to talk to him about it and see what he thinks. Might be best to wait a little longer.

The temper tantrums are carrying over even into the nighttime, making me quite sure this is all developmental, not reactive to anything in particular we're doing. At 4:30 this morning he woke up and had a huge temper tantrum, crying and demanding that we give him his lunchbox. He was very nearly inconsolable, the same way he is when he's worked himself up into a daytime fit. My guess is that he must have woken up from a dream about lunchbox denial.
I'm in meetings from 7:30 this morning until 6 pm tonight. Can we say "hell day"? Particularly since - after several nights of sleeping really well - Liam is teething and had a really bad night last night. So I'm probably running on around 4 or 5 hours of broken sleep. Ugh, ugh, ugh. So not looking forward to my day.

Eric owes me big time - I finally figured out the teething thing and gave Liam ibuprofen at 5:20 this morning, which meant he was nicely doped up and fast asleep at 6, right when I had to get out of bed. I'm about to leave, and he and Eric are still sleeping. Life is not fair.

All night!

Aug. 22nd, 2006 07:23 am
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Liam slept in his very own bed in his very own room for the entire night. He made some loud squawking sound in the middle of the night that woke Eric and I both up, but he went right back to sleep and we didn't hear from him after that. Around 6:30 this morning he tiptoed into our room (I was already awake) and lied down in his bed there, saying "I tired." But he rolled around a lot and couldn't get back to sleep, so we got up around 7.

And now of course we're doomed to thinking "Gee, why didn't we do this before?" But the truth is that we'd been planning to for a few weeks now, maybe months, but this was just the first chance that memory and motivation and time and opportunity all united to let us get the bed taken apart. It's also coming at a time when we've just transitioned Liam from a 2 hour nap at daycare down to a 90 minute nap, so he's more tired at night, which can only help.
So, Liam started saying "I'm tired" on our way from daycare tonight. He was quite happy to come home for his bath at 7:30. I made the mistake of taking a bath with him, which got him kind of riled up, but we got through the bedtime routine and took him upstairs to read books with Daddy. The way things usually go, I read him the first book, then Eric takes over and stays with him until he falls asleep. Tonight, I read him his book, but after I left he was complaining that he didn't want to read books with daddy, he wanted mommy instead, and was banging at the door. Eric told him he could read books with daddy, or daddy could leave. Liam said "daddy leave" so Eric did, and lo and behold, Liam muttered to himself for a little while then crawled under his covers and put himself to sleep.

What did the aliens do with my baby?
So, last night's experiment worked quite well. Liam went down to sleep in his usual way, seeming unfazed by the new surroundings, as I'd expected. We brought the baby monitor into our room, and I heard him wake up a few times in the night, but then roll over and go back to sleep. (As I predicted, I didn't sleep particularly well.)

Somewhere in the middle of the night (I don't know the time, unfortunately) he woke up and called my name a few times, and didn't go back to sleep on his own. So I trundled down to his bed and lied down with him, and we both quickly fell back to sleep. (This is one of the main reasons why we're sticking with the queen size mattress in that room for now.) Around 5:15 I woke up and went back to my own bed. Around 6:30 I noticed that Liam had - all on his own - walked down the hall to our room, lied down on his bed in our room, and *gone back to sleep.* Score! Around 6:50 he got up, and quietly tiptoed down the hall back to his own room. By then I was awake and needing to get on with my day, so I got up too.

Liam reports that he liked sleeping in his room.

We'll see if these patterns continue to hold over the next few nights. It would be great if they did. Last night was a bit of an anomaly because of quite how tired he was after his big day yesterday. But the new bed is much more comfortable (the twin that's in our room is a *very* firm futon). And there's less opportunities for us all to wake each other up.
Tonight is the first night we are trying putting Liam down for bed in his very own room. He's had his own bed in our room for quite a long time now, but we've now set up his room to be Liam-friendly. Last night Eric and I took down the waterbed frame from that room, so now there's just a futon on the floor, like in our room. My suspicion is that he'll be just fine about going to sleep in the new space, but any problems will arise when he wakes up in the night. The last few nights he's been rolling into our bed and curling up, or taking over my pillow, or whatever, so we'll have to see what he does when there's no one in the room with him.

It's probably a good night to start it, because the little guy is very tired. We had an exciting day too - we went to the Detroit Zoo with two sets of his grandparents. It was a good time, but he only got about a 45 minute nap on the ride there (when he usually gets 90 minutes to 2 hours) and then another 20 minutes on the ride home. The kid is pooped, but he's also in that overtired hyper kind of mode, so hopefully he won't give his dad too much trouble with bedtime.

I'm pooped too. But that's probably good - because otherwise I probably wouldn't get any sleep, thinking about Liam being all the way down at the end of the hall by himself!
Liam is sleeping much better since we had daycare cut back on his nap. We're still not getting quite as much morning sleep as we might like, but he's gone from waking up around 4:45-5 am to 5:45-6:15 am. Sometimes even later. And bedtime has gotten much, much easier - he's going to sleep like a dream now. We'll continue to see how thing are settling out, and perhaps ask daycare to cut back even farther, down to 1.5 hours.

I'm still kind of conflicted about weaning, but we are continuing on with our program of cutting back. I figure I can stop anywhere short of actually weaning if I decide one of us isn't ready... It has been easier than I expected. This weekend we cut out the naptime nursing, and though he asked a couple of times, he didn't get upset when I said no. The first day he was satisfied with an extra book, and the second day he didn't even need that. This is the kid who at daycare walks into the nap room, lies down on his nap pad and is out like a light, so clearly he's capable of going to sleep without nursing, he just needed to translate that skill to home.

Morning will probably be next to go, and perhaps starting earlier than I had expected - this morning he woke up earlier than our accepted nursing time (6 am) and I told him he needed to lie back down and try to sleep, and we'd nurse in a little while. But he was very awake and clearly ready to get up, and when he gave up asking to nurse and just asked for a cup of milk instead, I decided to go with the flow and get up and do that instead. When we were heading down the stairs he said "I nursin mommy?" and I paused and reminded him that he had decided we should go downstairs and get milk instead of nursing. He nodded quite happily, and hasn't asked again since we've been downstairs.

The hardest part has been that he still asks fairly regularly at "off" times. He's never raised the slightest fuss when I remind him that we won't nurse again until bedtime, and is happy with a snuggle instead. So it seems like a good time to be doing this, but I still worry a little that I'm cutting him off prematurely and not meeting whatever need nursing fulfills for him. We'll continue on our slow and steady course and see what happens.
Liam is still sleeping. He woke up around 5, but because it is overcast and rainy here, I thought it was much earlier. So I gave him some ibuprofen, thinking he was having teething pain or something. Then Eric told me what time it was. I decided to go ahead nurse him, since he seemed to be in a state where he might fall back asleep. Eventually he did, only to be woken up shortly thereafter by a tremendous thunder clap directly over our heads. More nursing, and he went back down. I did too, for a little while, which was nice. But eventually I woke up and came downstairs. I suspect Liam is still sleeping because of the cloudy day - it's still awfully dark with the blinds closed.

I hate it when I have to end up waking him up. It just seems so wrong, when we're usually trying to get him to sleep! But I need to go to work - it's a very busy week for me.
Liam is still asleep.

Well, "still" is a bit of an overstatement. He woke up at 4:30, but I managed to convince him to go back to sleep without much effort. At 5:30, he was up again, and this time there was no convincing, so we settled in to nurse. And he fell asleep. Which hardly *ever* happens. After a little while, I fell back to sleep too, which was even better. Near to 6:30 he roused again, we nursed again, and he fell asleep again! I was awake for good that time, which meant that I've had time to give Eric a birthday present, take a shower, brush my hair and teeth, and come downstairs and start reading email.

It's inconceivable, I tell you. Nice, though. Especially since today is my day off, so there's no need for us to rush out the door to daycare and work.
Liam has adopted a serious voice. It's also his commanding voice. It's low and kind of gruff. He most often uses it for commanding - "read the book," "sit down," that sort of thing. If we remind him to say please, the entire tone of the entire statement request changes, he doesn't just add on a low gruff "please" at the end of it. It's very funny. Hard to convey on LJ, unfortunately.

In other Liam news, he's changed his sleeping patterns yet again. On the good side, he usually sleeps pretty much straight through from 9:30 to 5:30 or 6:00. This is a big improvement from the one or two wakeups a night from a few months ago. On the down side, he's only sleeping for that time period. (At night, anyway - he still naps for a couple of hours during the day.) He's once again resisting sleep at bedtime, so bedtime is drifting later and later - we'd like him to be asleep closer to 9 than 9:30 or 10. On the theory that sleep begets sleep and earlier bedtimes are better for most kids, we're going to try shifting the start of the bedtime routine earlier in the evening, and hope that helps get him back on a better pattern. And really, it's such a small challenge compared to the other sleep challenges we've had, that I almost feel like it doesn't bear mentioning!

He continues to be cute and delightful most of the time, although he has been having more frequent temper tantrums - perhaps coming out of being overtired because he keeps shortening his sleep period. And maybe because he's had a cold for a while, which I think has turned into a sinus infection, judging from his goopy eyes. Doctor's appointment tomorrow.
My toddler is still sleeping. Those of you who read anything I write about Liam at all will understand how utterly bizarre it is for him to still be asleep at 8 am! He had a restless night last night, and then when we nursed at 6, he fell back asleep after for the first time in a long time. He had his 2-year check up yesterday and got a Polio vaccination, so I'm thinking that might be why he's a little "off." But it's 8 am, and if I'm to get to work anything like on time he needs to get up real soon now!
We've had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning was Eric's sleep in day, so I hung out with Liam. After Eric woke up, the three of us went over to Sunward Cohousing (just across the pond from Great Oak) to attend a Kindermusic class. It was the first time we've take Liam to something like that, and he loved it. Once he got over his initial shyness, anyway. He loves music, and really enjoyed playing drums and bells and dancing as the instructor/ leader played her guitar. He was very excited by the guitar.

Then it was home for lunch, and then into the car for a car nap on the way to visit Grandma. This particular Grandma lives the closest, but for a variety of reasons has seen Liam very little. He was shy at first, but warmed up when he saw their dauschund (sp?) named Buster. He got even more excited when we told him we were going to take Buster in the car. We went to a neat little nature trail hidden away right in the middle of some very urbanized Detroit suburbs. Liam got to walk the dog, and got to see the dog go potty - all very exciting to a not-quite-two year old. After that we went back to Grandma's house (trailer), got Grandpa and we all went out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok Cafe. It's been a long time since we were there, but it's as good as I remember it, and they've finally started accepting credit cards!

This morning was my sleep in day. After I got up, Eric went upstairs to take a nap, and Liam and I went outside and played. There was a little girl visiting from Touchstone Cohousing (next door) and she and Liam sort of played together on the play structure for a little while. Then we played a little bit of ball. Liam's idea of playing ball is walk up really close to someone and throw the ball AT them. This doesn't work so well when the someone is the same size as you! So we worked on this idea of kicking or rolling the ball on the ground instead.

I was tired and headachy, so when I took Liam up for his nap, I decided to crash too, and giving me a very nice almost 2-hour nap this afternoon. Ah - I feel caught up on sleep for the first time in a while. We spent the late afternoon over at Scott and Sue's. Liam had heard me mention Alex's name on Friday, and was talking about him for the rest of the day, so I promised him we'd try to visit. The boys played beautifully together for the most part - it gives us all great hope for the future, when our kids will go off and play together, and maybe we can play some board games like we used to!

Scott and Sue already had plans for dinner, so Eric and Liam and I went over to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dinner. We weren't very hungry, so Eric and I each had some soup, and then we split the mini-burger sampler. Liam was pretty well behaved, especially given that we'd arrived just far enough into the dinner rush that there were a bunch of orders ahead of us and ours was a little slow. Ric brought us a couple of tastes of wine, including a really interesting aperitif that they had a sample bottle of. The maker will be releasing it an upcoming Roadhouse special dinner. It was infused with rose, geranium and some other flower. It was very remiscent of Gewurztraminer, but without some of the overwhelming aspects that some Gewurz can have. Really neat - [ profile] sarahf you'd like it a lot!

Then home. We're taking advantage of daylight savings time to try out an experiment with Liam's bedtime. Previously, we started bedtime at 7, with the goal of him being asleep by 8. Now we're starting at 8, with the goal of asleep by 9. This is the same body time for Liam - we're just not adjusting his bedtime to match the clock, we're keeping him the same. Our hope is that this means he'll sleep until the same time in the morning, but since we're adjusting our own clocks, that will mean 6 instead of 5 for us. Of course, this means we have less baby-free time in the evening. That will make some things harder (we'll need to relocate wine club, and Eric won't be able to attend anymore, since it runs from 8 to 9) but may generally turn out to be positive, as we'll be less rushed in the evening and Eric will get more time to see Liam (during the week, he gets home from work just in time for dinner, then we'd start bed right away - now they'll have some time to play). This will be good for the summer, when there's lots of Great Oakers hanging around outside after dinner - it was a bummer last year to always have to rush home for bedtime.
Liam woke up around 12:30 or 1 and took a couple of hours to get back to sleep. "I wanna nurse. I wanna nurse. I wanna nurse." Ah, language development - them being able to make their wants and desires clear doesn't make it any easier when you still are going to say no. This happened a couple of nights ago, but when I explained that it was the middle of the night and we don't nurse in the middle of the night, he rolled over and went back to sleep. Not so last night. Of course, it didn't help that he had a leaky diaper, so changing that woke him up more. And he's got a tooth coming through but has decided that he doesn't like taking medicine, so it was a huge struggle to get him to take the Tylenol that I knew would help him fall back to sleep. (Note to self: must get more Children's Ibuprofen and Tylenol - we are completely out of both.)

I eventually had to call Eric in to help, but by then Liam was so upset that I couldn't leave anyway, just was able to use "bad cop" daddy as a reinforcement on the no-nursing thing. Eventually Liam fell asleep, and Eric fell asleep, and then Eric started snoring, so I couldn't fall asleep. Eventually he got sick of me poking him to get him to stop snoring and went back to the other room, and it still took me forever to fall asleep, so I kind of feel like I've been hit with a truck today.

Still, language development is mostly fun. Liam uses "mine" instead of "my" - ie. "mine sandwich", "mine animals" etc. It's cute. And then there was this morning.

L: I wanna book.

T: You want a book to read during breakfast?

L: No. I wanna book.

T: (trying again) You want a book?

L: (indignantly) No!!!

T: I'm sorry, Liam, I don't understand. (opens cupboard, pulls out cereal box)

L: I wanna cereal book!

T: Oh, you want your cereal box. (pulls out Clifford cereal box for him to look at during breakfast)

Cereal book. Uh-huh.

When we're in the car, he requests the Wiggles songs he wants to hear. Sometimes it takes me al ittle bit to figure out that he's not just randomly talking about doggies, but requesting the Wags the Dog song - what can I say, I'm a little slow in the morning.
That's what the books say, anyway, and we're hoping that the trend we're seeing will continue. (Although writing about it will probably be the kiss of death.)

Eric was getting really burned out and depressed having to be awake between 5 and 6 every morning trying to convince Liam to go back to sleep. After nearly two weeks of insisting that morning didn't come until 6, Liam's internal alarm clock was unmoved. So we decided to shift back the official nursing/mommy time to 5. I'm still sleeping in the other room, but set an alarm so I can sneak in just before 5. Yesterday morning Liam woke up just before 5. Eric came and got me, we swapped beds, and I joined Liam in the big bed. We nursed, then he rolled around for a while, climbing on top of my head, then nursing some more, and finally falling back to sleep around 5:45 maybe. But then he slept until 7, which gave him one more hours sleep than on most days, when he rolls around that long but is up by 6. Last night he woke up at 4:30, but Eric was able to get him to go back to sleep, so by the time I came in at 5, he was out. And didn't wake up until 6! We nursed one side, then he rolled himself back into his little bed and fell back to sleep until 7 again! (Another change with last night was that Eric made a more concerted effort to keep Liam in his own bed - Liam has been climbing into the big bed to cuddle up with Eric, but they just end up waking each other up.)

Two nights does not a pattern make, but it would be really nice if we're turning a corner. Liam's temperment has been much improved just by getting him to go to sleep at 8 again, and these last two mornings, with an extra hour or more sleep, he's been even more cheerful and an absolute joy to be around. I don't like having to wake up at 5, but so far I've been able to fall back to sleep and get a little more rest, so it's not been too bad.
Bedtime is much better. The new bedtime routine is firmly established and the last few nights Liam has been asleep basically as soon as the lights went off.

New routine:
6:45 - Bath for 15 minutes
7:00 - Lotion, teeth, diaper, pajamas
7:15 - Nurse with mommy in the nursing chair
7:30 (or whenever he's done nursing - last night it was 7:17!) - upstairs with daddy to read books
8:00 - Lights out, time for sleep.

He's mostly sleeping through the night, although occasionally he'll need a pat on the back or a shhh to resettle.

Mornings, well, that's a different story. His internal alarm clock goes off at 5 am (sometimes earlier, but pretty consistently by 5). Eric tries to get him to go back to sleep, but it's a really restless hour, and even if he does drift off, he wakes up in a few minutes with a yelp. At 6 am a light comes on automatically as his sign that he can come see mommy and nurse. Eric brings him down to me, then goes back to sleep.

8 pm to 5 am is NOT enough sleep for a not quite two-year old who takes at best a 2 hour nap during the day. Neither Eric nor I is ready to be up for the day at 5 am. Pushing Liam's bedtime later doesn't make him sleep any later, and just compounds the not enough sleep problem. We're at a loss. And meanwhile Eric is getting really stressed out being the nighttime parent.

At least he doesn't think sleep is EVIL anymore.



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