Liam has a bad cold right now. Really runny nose, and a cough because of it. Maybe a sinus infection, but we have to wait for another week before they'll call it that. Yesterday I got a call from daycare in the afternoon that Liam had thrown up. He just did it the once, and was totally fine after - not acting stomach flu sick at all. And then he ate dinner no problem. We've had something like this happen before - he has so much postnasal drip, and coughs so hard, that it causes him to throw up. But daycare rules say that if a kid throws up, you have to keep them home for 24 hours - even though in this case he's not sick with anything that would normally keep him out of daycare. (Nasty day-glow green snot does not suffice - or else the kid would have been home most of his entire first year!)

So I'm home with him. But I have a ton of work to do, so I'm pacifying him with television while I try to get some work done. The fact that he's not actually sick with an upset stomach or a fever kind of illness means that it's particularly difficult to get work done. Aside from the nose and the cough, he feels good and energetic and wants to play. If he were really sick, he'd be happy to just lie on the couch and doze.
Last Friday was a weird day at Liam's daycare. A whole bunch of people ended up needing to take the day off, so staffing for the day was made up of part-timers and fill-ins and temporaries. Not people that Liam has strong connections to, and not good continuity of care, as no one person was there for the whole day.

And of course, Friday turned out to be the day that Liam's ear infection reached its peak. Anyone who knew Liam very well would have known that something was up - he cried for me for 10 minutes after he woke up from his nap, and he just doesn't do things like that. This morning I was talking to one of the people that was there Friday morning - she's the one that knows Liam the best from that group, even though she only sees him once or twice a week (but she totally loves him). She said that she thought he was feeling off. She took his temperature and it was 99 (which is really 100, since it was an underarm temp) but the other people working with her told her not to worry about it. She almost called, she said, and this morning it was obvious that she felt bad that she hadn't. (I expect she would have if she'd been there to see how he was after he woke up, but she was only there in the morning.)

I'm definitely going to have a talk with Trish, the owner of the daycare, about this. If it seems like something might be wrong with Liam, I'd like to know. What harm would there have been in calling me? And he was obviously feverish, so the fact that they didn't take that seriously is annoying (especially since I'm not allowed to bring him to daycare if he's got a fever, but they didn't call me when he had one?).

The care there is generally very good and Liam is happy and has good relationships. This was a fluke caused by weird scheduling, but there's still some training reminders due, I think. In the fall he'll be old enough to move over to the preschool part of the daycare we use. I'm inclined to have him stay there, since he's already go relationships with kids and some of the providers. But I don't (generally) get as good a feeling from the providers at the preschool as I do at the Baby House. I think I'll need to go in for some observation time and see how I feel once I see them in action with their "own" kids, instead of just the times they are subbing at the Baby House.

Sick boy

Jun. 9th, 2006 06:41 pm
Liam's asleep on my lap, nursing in fits and starts. He's sweaty and hot - I think he's got a fever. Probably his long cold finally turning into a sinus or ear infection (or at least finally showing concrete signs of its existence - I've been thinking he was trending that way for a while). Luckily, our pediatrician has Saturday morning hours, so I can get him checked out tomorrow.
Well, I think it's "just" a virus, not a UTI, thankfully. His fever has been responding reliably to Motrin, and he's not gotten worse. We're starting to see the upper respiratory stuff that's supposed to be typical with the virus that's going around - when I came in to take over for Eric at 3 am last night, Liam was too stuffed up to nurse.

He's seems much better today, actually, except for the dripping. The drool, which was significant yesterday, is absolutely out of control today. Not sure what that's about. My guess is that he's not able to breathe through his nose, so his mouth is open all the time and thus, the drool. I think we've probably only got another half hour before the shirt he's wearing is too soaked and needs to be replaced. It really bugs him - every so often he'll start slapping at his face and chin, or complaining about his shirt. He got some drool on a pillow, and was very upset about it.

I gave away all of his absorbant bibs, so they are more for babies than toddlers. I tried getting him to wear one of his plastic meal bibs, but he wasn't interested and took it off. So I guess we'll just be changing his shirt every couple of hours.

His temperature was elevated when I came in at 3, so we gave him more Motrin, but so far this morning it seems normal. We'll see how long that lasts. Hopefully the fever is mostly past, so he can go back to daycare tomorrow.
Well, we went in to see his pediatrician this morning. His ears are perfectly fine. His throat is a little red, and there's a virus going around that's a short term fever with cough thing. When my pediatrician's own son had it, the cough didn't come until the second day. So we're waiting for 24 hours to see how his symptoms develop. If he gets worse, or his fever stays high even with Motrin, then we'll test for a UTI. Getting a urine sample from a pre-potty-training toddler can require using a catheter, and we'd like to avoid that. So before we left the office we fitted him with a little plastic bag, and sure enough, next time I changed his diaper we'd managed to catch a sample.

I gave him some Motrin when we got back from the doctor's, and once that kicked in he felt beter. Although he's definitely mellower than usual self - he just wanted to watch TV and read books. We had lunch, then both went upstairs for a nap.

Sick Baby

Mar. 21st, 2006 07:17 am
Poor Liam. When I brought him home from daycare yesterday he was doing this sad little whimper thing the whole way home. At first I thought it was just the sun in his eyes, but when I picked him up out of the car and he collapsed on my shoulder, I knew it was something else.

I'm thinking that "something else" is a UTI. He's got a fever, but no upper respiratory symptoms that would indicate an ear or sinus infection. He's been talking about the potty a lot lately, but then his diaper is dry when I change it. Which would be how he'd express the constant sensation of needing to urinate that comes with a UTI, I think. Then this morning, just as we were getting out of bed, he gave a sudden pained cry that lasted a few seconds and rolled around uncomfortably on the bed. I'm thinking that was when he peed in his diaper. Ouch! And he's grabbing at his groin this morning. I'm not noticing any reddish tinge to his urine, so hopefully it's not too advanced, if it is a UTI.

My first guess was an ear infection - he gets them on a semi-regular basis, although usually at the tail end of a cold. Also, he's been talking about "cars loud hurt ears"[1] a lot more than I'd expect that one-time incident to prompt, and that seemed a reasonable way to express that his ears were hurting. But I don't think that's it.

[1] Car's Loud Hurt Ears - driving into daycare the other day, we were stopped behind or beside a muffler-less car that was extremely loud. Liam started to cry, the noise was bothering him so much. I asked him "does that loud car hurt your ears" and ever since then he tells the "car's loud hurt ears" story at least once on every car ride.
One of the medicines we are giving Liam to help with his sinus infection is a combination cough and cold medicine. Today we are discovering that Liam reacts to these kinds of medications like I do. It has both pseudoephedrine and an antihistamine in it, as well as a cough suppressant. When we give him a dose, the antihistamine overrides the pseudoephedrine, and he gets sleepy. But, like me, pseudoephedrine seems to stick around in his system and build up - so last night he was very sleepy, and today he's not sleeping at all, even though we gave him his last dose at 7:30 this morning. I'm hoping he'll burn off the rest of it this afternoon. Tonight I'll give him separate cough syrup and straight-up antihistamines - no more of the other until tomorrow morning! By that point we'll be several doses into the antibiotics, so he should be doing better anyway.

Thankfully, no more throwing up today, although he hasn't been very interested in eating.

Sick Boy

Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:04 pm
I've been wondering for a while now if Liam was coming down with something. He's had a runny nose, then a cough, for quite a while now. Every once in a while he'd have a temper tantrum that seemed to be pain related, and I'd wonder about an ear infection or a sinus infection. But he never had a fever, and he was still running around like a madman. Last night I noticed the beginnings of a rash on his tummy, but it was gone this morning, and I just wrote it off to his sensitive redhead skin. When I noticed a little bit of rash while changing him after a playdate with [ profile] sueij this morning, I called my pediatrician. "Sounds like a virus" they said, "Call us if he gets a fever or the spots turn purple."

We come home, and I put him down for his nap. He wakes up two hours later, come downstairs, and he coughs then throws up. I notice while holding his heaving little body that he's burning up with fever. Oh joy. Call the doctor and off we go. He has a sinus infection and probably an ear infection too. Antibiotics are prescribed. We go off to Meijer to fill the prescription. While we're waiting, I decide to grab a few groceries we need, since our dinner/play date has been cancelled with Liam getting sick. Liam throws up again, all over himself and the floor at the grocery store. Double oh joy. Thankfully, a Meijer employee is near by and gets me a roll of paper towel, to clean up as best I can.

We get home, strip off the vomit covered clothes and settle in to watch some Sesame Street. I give him a bunch of medicine - Tylenol for the fever, Triaminic for the cough and nose, first dose of antibiotics. I don't want Liam to get cold, so I put him in some nice clean pajamas. And you guessed it - he throws up again. Can you say triple oh joy? I knew you could.

We thought the initial vomitting was just him gagging on secretions from the sinus infection. Now I'm wondering if he's just simultaneously got a stomach bug too. My own stomach has gotten a little queasy in the last little while - don't know if I'm getting sick too, or just reacting to being thrown up on three times today.

Ah, parenting. The hugs, the kisses, the joys, the challenges, the vomit.
So, Monday night Liam fell down outside and got a scrape on one of his fingers. Tuesday morning daycare called me to say it seemed to be hurting him quite a bit. By the time I got to daycare to pick him up on Tuesday night, it was red and brown and inflamed and kinda pussy and really just looked quite gross and painful. According to daycare, it had been getting bigger and nastier all day. My over-educated brain immediately jumps to stories of horrible flesh-eating bacteria, so I called his pediatrican. They were closed, but the nurse called me back and suggested that it would be a good idea to take him into the ER and have it looked at. So off we went.

It only took 2 1/2 hours which, by ER standards, is probably pretty good. And UM Hospital has a special kids ER with its own waiting room, so that was nice. Although then they called us into a room with nothing to play with and long waits between people coming in, and that was less good. Liam was as good as could be expected under the circumstances. He suffered the rectal thermometer with barely a peep (although shortly thereafter it had the expected consequence). He screamed bloody murder at the stupid automatic blood pressure cuff (can't say I blame him, those things suck rocks) and the triage nurse eventually gave up trying to get a BP reading. Or a pulse OX for that matter - who expects a little sensor to stay put long enough on the toe of a 14 month old who's got a nasty BP cuff squeezing his arm?

Understandably, he didn't want anyone poking at his finger, but the doctors got a good enough look to decide that yes, it looked infected, and gave us a scrip for antibiotics. They also sent us down for an x-ray, since I wasn't sure exactly how the scrape happened. I was extremely sleep-deprived and out of it, so probably not asking as many questions or being as astute a health consumer as I should have been, so I'm not entirely sure what they were looking for.

Liam hated the x-ray. Probably what he really hated was having his arm held down while getting it, but he's too young to understand that he had to keep it still. He was very upset after that, but played with a sticker the x-ray tech gave him. Back in our room waiting for them to review the x-ray and get us out of here, I was very happy that we are still nursing. He was quite distraught, it was his bedtime, and he hadn't had any dinner. But at least I could nurse him and give him some comfort and sustenance that way. He fell asleep in my arms until a nurse came in with his medicine and sent us on our way.

Home, dinner for both of us, then off to bed for both of us too.

He was a happy, if clingy, little dude this morning, giving me lots of sweet hugs and kisses as I carried him around the house while trying to get ready to go to work.


May. 23rd, 2005 09:45 am
So, we've been thinking that Liam's persistent runny nose of the last 4-5 weeks is probably a sign of seasonal allergies. Grumble. I've started tracking his symptoms against the pollen level to see if I notice any patterns. So far we have Saturday with a high pollen count, runny nose and lots of trouble sleeping, and Sunday with a medium pollen count, mild runny nose, and excellent sleeping (he slept in until 7 this morning for the first time in months). Today is supposed to be an even lower pollen day than yesterday, while tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be high, so I should have a good sense of whether or not there's a pattern for when he has his doctor's appointment on Thursday.

Saturday night he was so miserable - his nose was running non-stop, and he kept rubbing his face up against us like his nose and eyes were itching. So we decided to give him some Benedryl and see if that helped. I gave him a dose in the middle of the night, and it didn't seem to do anything to help him sleep better, unfortunately. Eric got up with him at 6, but Liam was still sleepy, so Eric got him down for a nap at 8. At 8:30 he wakes up, very out of sorts, doesn't want to nurse, really upset. I'm saying that I think his tummy is upset, Eric is insisting that he's just sleepy and trying to get him to go back to sleep. When that doesn't work, I put him in the sling and he almost immediately vomits up his breakfast rather explosively. See - I *told* you he had an upset stomach!

He only threw up the once, but had runny watery poops for the rest of the day. We're not sure what to make of it - allergic reaction to the Benedryl? Or just a stomach bug? Hmmm. Anyway, he was cheerful and playful all day and - as I said above - slept beautifully last night.

Speaking of cheerful, playful Liam - he's sooo fun right now! Even amidst the snot. He's much better at walking, and has even started sort of running, often with unfortunate consequences. He can squat down to pick things up without falling over, and - cutest of all - loves to walk around in circles! He's always on the move - keeping up with him can be exhausting, especially when we're in not particularly childproof places. He has a sixth sense for dangerous items, and those are (of course) the ones he wants to play with.
We're back from the pediatrician's. In the 24 hours between yesterday's doctor visit and today's, Liam developed an ear infection. (Dr. Andy says they only give a four hour guarantee on ear infections, they can come on that quickly.)

While I'm a little annoyed at paying a copay two days in a row, mostly I'm looking at it as a sign of good maternal attachment to Liam and evidence of ye olde mother's intuition. Leaving [ profile] sueij's yesterday, I called the doctor - Liam's nose has been running for two weeks and his cough had picked up again yesterday, and he just didn't seem quite himself. But nothing showed up on the exam. I guess I was picking up on the very early stages of a turn for the worse.

Since 80% of ear infections clear themselves up, we're not doing anything about it yet. Just pain killers to manage his pain, and if he's still feverish and out of sorts on Sunday, we'll fill the antibiotic prescription then. Poor boy.

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