Last night's house concert was great. [ profile] tarkrai was great, as usual. At my request (because of Liam's bedtime) he played a short set for the kids first, then started his main set at around 8:15. We had about 30 people in attendance, mostly fans, but also quite a few of my neighbors, who seemed to really enjoy themselves. The concert portion of the evening finished up around 9:30, and after a short break, a filk circle started up around 10. Steve was playing at the RenFest today, so he tried to all it quits early, and we started packing up at 11. But then Hope came in, having missed the concert, and (at my prompting) encouraged Steve to play one more song. Having asked Steve to play "one more song" myself, I was unsurprised that he played for nearly another hour! I finally kicked people out at midnight, because I was turning into a pumpkin.

This morning we all went down to the Farmer's Market, then took Liam to get his hair cut. He was a little shy about it today, but eventually warmed up to the idea. But only a little bit. So Eric distracted him by taking a lot of pictures with this Treo. You can see them at his Flickr site. Here's a picture of Liam in the oh-so cool race car chair.

Then this evening we had [ profile] scottij and [ profile] sueij and Alex and Jessie over for dinner. I made a grilled ratatouille with tempeh that turned out really well, if I do say so myself. And, since it was nearly all vegetables, only has 5 ww pts per serving. Woot! You can read all about it at my blog.


Jun. 1st, 2006 08:44 pm
A while ago I posted about a trip I took to visit my dad and stepmom. It was our first time ever getting all four of the grandkids together at the same time, so we took a LOT of pictures. I've just now gotten around to uploading this pictures, and they are here.

Here's the four cousins, together at last:

From left to right: Liam (April 2004), Ethan (November 2002), Emily (April 2004) and Jazzmyn (June or July, 2003)

Liam and Emily are only 2 days apart in age. Since Jazzmyn has yet to turn three, we actually had three two year olds together for an entire weekend, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as you might think!

Liam's birthday celebration went well. He's old enough now to understand about birthday parties (or at least about the part that involves birthday cakey) and we started building up the excitement on Monday. I made some cupcakes to take into daycare today, and then tonight we had the official celebration. Scott, Sue, Alex and Jessie came over for dinner. A somewhat rushed and frazzled dinner, because traffic and a miscommunication with Eric had me running behind. Then it was over to the common house for a birthday party with the community.

We sang happy birthday and served cake and ice cream. Click to see the Sesame Street cake )When the eating was done, all the kids went out onto the common house patio where Tom was playing his guitar. There was much wild singing and dancing, and I still have the belly button song in my head!

After that wore down, we went back into the common house and opened presents. Liam got a bunch of good books, a new Wiggles CD, a beach ball and some groovy sunglasses. Our big present to him was a guitar of his very own. It's a Wiggles guitar, and it plays songs when you push the different characters, and has sound effects and other noises that will no doubt drive us crazy in time, but it's perfectly Liam-sized, and he adores it.

I used to feel really strongly about avoiding all this branded stuff, but he really likes it, and it makes him happy. We're trying not to let it take over our house and our lives, but I did feel a little commercialized today, what with the Elmo theme party (cake, hats, plates, wrapping paper) and all the Wiggles presents. But hey, it could be worse - there are lots of kids programs that I'd be much less happy to have Liam obsessing about!

Between the sugar crash and all that dancing, Liam was a tired little guy, so even with all the excitment, we still had an easy bedtime. (Circling back to previous posts - Liam has definitely had a huge turnaround in bedtime behavior. Instead of hating it so much he yells at sleeping babies in books, now his favorite thing to do is to "play nap." Bedtime the last few nights has been particularly easy. Hooray!)

Lots more birthday pictures
I'm often lazy about changing Liam's diaper first thing in the morning - I'll wait until he's part way through Elmo or Wiggles, and sometimes even later. (Yeah, I know, i'm a bad mom.) But today I was on the ball and went to change his diaper first thing. Only to discover that he was totally dry! I thought I should seize upon this opportunity for some potty learning, so I parked his potty seat on the couch and him on the potty seat, figuring he had to go sometime soon, and the TV would keep him occupied and thus not trying to climb off the potty.
Click to see )
But damn, that kid has a good bladder! He's been up for an hour, and sat on the potty for over a half an hour, and still nothing. He got uncomfortable and climbed off a couple minutes ago, so I put a diaper on him.
Liam's been badly in need of a haircut for a while. Since I have Thursdays off, we decided that today was the day. I've been delaying, because I didn't want to see my little baby all growed up. But the cut actually turned out totally cute, I think, and he managed to keep a few of his baby curls.



The barber shop we went to was really cool. They've been in business for 60 years, and for the last *40* they've been cutting little kids hair in this red mustang convertible barber chair.

We got there, and I told the barber that Liam wanted to get his first haircut. "Oh," said the barber, "but you can't come into the barbershop yet - first you have to play with toys!" And he sat down on the floor in the waiting room with Liam, pulled out a toy barn and a big box of toys and they played for a while. Once Liam was comfortable and started looking around, he looked into the barbershop proper and noticed the race car chair. Only then did the barber ask if he wanted to go for a ride in the car. It was really great how he worked with Liam - he described to me when he went into business with his father, seeing all these kids being dragged in kicking and screaming about getting their hair cut, and how he wanted to make it into an enjoyable experience for them. 40 years later, he's still cutting the hair of kids who got their first hair cut in the race car chair!
For the last two years there's been a community Easter egg hunt, so I'd just assumed there'd be one this year as well. But as the week wore on and there was nothing on the email list about it, I figured the usual organizers were too busy. I kept meaning to send out an email offering to help, but my own week was very busy, and next thing I knew it was Saturday night and too late to do anything about it. Neither Eric nor I are religious, although we were both raised nominally Christian so have fond secular memories of egg hunts and Christmas trees etc. I thought Liam would adore hunting for eggs, but it felt a little weird to "celebrate" Easter on our own. And then we just ran out of time anyway, and I figured we'd just wait until next year - it's not like Liam would realize he was missing anything.

So I was very pleased and surprised to find out that there was going to be a community egg hunt after all! I was still in bed, waking up slowly from my sleep in day, when I heard Eric tell Liam that he needed to get clothes on so they could go to the common house and look for eggs! Hooray! This gave me the incentive to get out of bed, and we all trooped over to the common house plaza to start the hunt.

Liam was as excited about it as I'd hoped, and was one of the last kids to give up on finding "more eggs!" Unfortunately, it's a chilly morning. I'm still cold, and we've been home for over and hour. Brrr.

Click for more pictures.

I love the way we can share our traditions and celebrate with each other at Great Oak. The same people who organized the 75-person Passover Seder last night (with live rock band, I might add) were out hunting eggs this morning.
Liam is just loving playing with his toy kitchen these days:
Pictures behind the cut )
In other news, I start to be able to believe that one day the kid will actually voluntarily wean. (I was doubting it for a while there, and thinking about local colleges.) He's still nursing a bunch, don't get me wrong, but usually for shorter durations, and not quite as often as he sometimes does. At the same time, his verbal skills are developing in leaps and bounds. Makes sense, in a way - he's too busy using his mouth for talking to want to keep it occupied with nursing.
And while I've got you here, one more picture of our little imp )
Edited to add: Oh, forgot to tell the potty story! He was trying to pull a too-small shirt on as pants. So, in an effort to encourage the dressing himself thing, we pulled his pants down around his ankles so he could pull them back up himself. Except he took this as a signal that it was potty time, and shuffled off to the bathroom and sat himself down on the potty! I followed him in and took off his diaper. He sat on the potty for a long time (we read his Blue's Clues book twice), but nothing came out. When I went to change him I noticed that he's got a little diaper rash, so I'm betting he was appreciating the air time, if nothing else. He's been very interested in the potty at daycare lately - two of the girls are in underwear now and use the potty all the time, and he's very intrigued by the whole idea, and even told me "Rio pee potty" one day.


Oct. 31st, 2005 08:22 pm
We had two costumes that fit Liam right now, so luckily we had a chance for him to wear both of them.

This morning there was a party at daycare. He was grumpy about getting his costume on, but once we got it on he loved looking at himself in the mirror and saying "doggie, doggie."

Tonight he was even grumpier, but after going to dinner and seeing everyone else in their costumes, he consented to let us put his on. Eric took him around trick or treating, and I stayed home and handed out the candy.

Click for many Hallowe'en pictures - Liam, kids at his daycare, Great Oakers, random trick-or-treaters.


Jul. 23rd, 2005 07:54 pm
We went to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs and survived. Got up early this morning and were there by about 9:45. We ponied up $10 to pay right downtown, so it would be easy to drop things off at the car, and when we decided to leave we could just go. Most of the booths were open, even though the official start time isn't until 10 am. We went with a plan to get some prints for Liam's spaces in the house - we'd almost bought them last year and didn't, and have regreted it ever since. Not knowing where that artist's space was this year, we headed off in the direction we thought it might be. After wandering around for a while we finally looked her up in a guide, only to find out that if we'd turned left instead of right when we first started out in the morning, her booth would have been the first we'd have come to. Ah well, we did want to see other things, and by the time we actually found her, Liam had fallen asleep in the stroller and we were able to take our time making choices.

We didn't get the print below, but two other fish theme ones that are very similar in style. They're fun and colorful and will make a nice addition.

Liam napped just long enough for us to pick out art and have lunch. Which was nice of him, but that was only 45 minutes - not enough nap for a whole day, and he steadfastly refused to take another nap this afternoon. Between that and the incisor lurking right beneath the surface, he was having a somewhat grumpy afternoon. So we headed out onto the deck, where he played in his water bucket and sandbox for quite a long time.

Cute Liam thing - when we're getting ready to go outside, he'll try to put his own sandles on! So adorable I had to share.

Art Fair wiped me and Eric out, so we didn't get a whole lot done this afernoon. This evening Scott and Sue and Alex came over for dinner. Cooking seemed like far too much work, so off we went to Panera. On the way home we decided to indulge in some "freeway parenting." Liam was pretty hyped up, and we knew that if we took him straight home we'd have a hard time getting him down to sleep. So we went for a little drive to give him a chance to mellow out. Of course, he mellowed *way* out and fell asleep. And better yet, we even managed to get him into the house asleep. So nice, so easy - it feels like cheating.


Jul. 5th, 2005 10:17 pm

More photos from June are on the website. Thanks to Scott and Sue for the copies of photos they took during our Village get together.

Liam just loves being outside. He particularly loves playing in the sandbox. He gets very upset when it's time to go home. Even though he doesn't talk yet, I've already started giving him five minute and two minute warnings, and going through the whole "goodbye toys, goodbye sandbox" routine. Not helping so far, as we still have to carry him literally kicking and screaming back to the house, but hopefully it's setting up a good pattern for later.

Luckily, we get to "reward" him with a bath. Besides the sandbox, water is the thing he loves best, so getting to play in the bathtub and get sprayed down with the shower usually takes his mind off of having to come indoors.

Tomorrow morning we go for a consult with the pediatric urologist to see what we're going to do about Liam's undescended testicle. Next step is probably surgery. Yikes - that's a little scary. We'll find out more in the morning.

About the picture )


Jun. 7th, 2005 09:57 am
He's started giving kisses. When we woke up at my parents on Friday we were just hanging out cuddling in bed for a little while. I'd given him some good morning kisses, but then he started grabbing both my cheeks and pulling me down to him so he could plant one on me. Very cute, and very funny. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to pucker up yet, so his kisses are all open mouthed and drooly.

Maybe, just maybe, he's saying "hi." I certainly wouldn't be surprised if that were one of his first words, given how often we say it to him. Especially since he's started waving at every opportunity. He waves good morning, good night, hello, goodbye. Waves at strangers, waves at friends. Hello world!

Not a particularly splashy picture, but I just like the expression on his face )
Liam got his hands on two butane lighters for the grill (with safety locks, the paranoid mother notes), and would NOT let them go.

After dinner today he was running around just totally crazy cheerful. I love how he gets whole-body-happy.

And just in case you haven't had your cuteness quota for the day yet...

Lots more pictures can be found in the usual place.



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