Apr. 30th, 2006 07:05 am
Liam, live and in person! Well, okay, live and on video... But if you've been wondering what the little goofball looks like when he's moving, here you go!
So this morning our neighbor who is moving sent out an email offering a bunch of stuff they were getting rid of. Including a small child's table and chair set. Now that Liam is getting interested in coloring and crafts, we had been thinking about getting him something like that, so this was excellent timing.

Later, we were at Toys R Us, and as we were leaving we passed by the big plastic sandboxes, and talked about how perfect they would be for Liam, but they were just too expensive to consider buying ($49.99). 15 minutes later we drive up to Scott and Sue's and discover that their neighbor has the exact same ladybug sandbox sitting out on the curb waiting for trash pickup! We wasted no time in retrieving it, and Eric is out on the deck now cleaning it out.


May. 4th, 2005 10:12 pm
That's how Leah described my interview. At least according to Elph. So that's a good thing.

Liam had the hardest time falling asleep tonight. We just finally got him down about 20 minutes ago. Craziness. I really, really hope he sleeps okay for the rest of the night - his fingernails are very sharp and he loves to pinch my breasts when he's restless and nursing, and I had to work really hard not to scream. Nail trimming, first thing in the morning.
Liam and I are both sick with colds. He's got a runny nose and cough, I've just got sinus congestion and a runny nose. I'd been looking forward to spring and the supposed end of cold season, but alas, not yet. :-(

Between the cold and the sleep deprivation and the period cramps, I'm not a very nice person to be around right now. I'm very grumpy and short tempered. Hope I feel better soon.
With his actual birthday on Tuesday and the party not until Saturday, Liam's birthday has been a week long affair. Thursday he and I went shopping for his birthday present and got too much stuff at Toys R Us (they had a buy one get one free sale on Fisher Price toys - so it's not that we spent too much money, just ended up with extra stuff). Friday was more shopping, for food and party supplies, and Saturday morning yet more shopping, for the cake and ice cream and a few forgotten items. Good thing the boy likes going to the store!

My dad and stepmom came out on Friday night. As usual, it was great having them here. When Liam woke us up at 7 am Saturday morning, I took him down the hall and handed him off to grandma, then crawled back into bed. Wasn't able to get back to sleep, but did have some cuddle time with Eric. This morning the handoff happened at 6 am, and I slept until 8 - heaven. Grandma loves her time with him in the morning when no one else is awake, and they had a lot of fun playing with his birthday stash. And then last night they babysat for us while we went out for a movie (Kung Fu Hustle - a silly silly movie, but with a little more gore than I usually like in my silly movies. And less dancing than you'd expect, sadly.) and then for a late dinner. So I definitely feel like I got to celebrate my birth day too!

Liam's party went well and was a lot of fun. I'd invited everyone at Great Oak, but didn't ask people to RSVP, so I had no real idea how many people to expect. But I managed to buy pretty much exactly the right amount of everything. Lots of kids - Holly and Brian came with Maya (also one year), Scott and Sue brought Alex (18 months) and then there were a bunch of Great Oak kids, ranging from 9 months to 10 years. Then various GO adults, plus both my sets of parents. While we had some toys out for the babies to run around with, I didn't have activities planned for the older kids, so they mostly hung out in the media room watching videos, in between raiding the snack tables and eating cake.

Liam was very funny with his cake. I was very curious to see what he'd do, since he'd had a practice run on Tuesday and now knew what tasty goodness lay within. But he didn't face plant or start grabbing huge fistfuls of cake. No, he reached out and one by one picked off the icing flowers and put them directly into his mouth. It was hysterical. After we took the cake away for cutting he was very upset that we'd taken it away from him, and was almost about to cry! (His daddy distracted him with some Fruity Booty until I got him a slice of cake to eat.)

He was much less excited about the presents, no surprise. In fact, he couldn't have cared less, and showed no interest whatsoever in opening them. Next year will be quite a bit different, I bet! So I called all the other kids together and asked them if they'd like to help Liam by opening up his presents - which they happily did in an orgy of present opening that was over in just a couple minutes.

Pictures (both Tuesday and Saturday) are in the usual place. But here's a sneak preview.

I'm skipping my yoga class to work on my resume and cover letter, because there's just no way I'd be able to get them done if I don't. But that means that I can take a minute to upload a picture of Liam demolishing his birthday cake at common meal tonight...
Happy First Birthday Liam!




Apr. 23rd, 2005 08:52 pm
I'm posting from the ConFusion party here at Penguicon. I volunteered to host the party, because it lets us put Liam to sleep in the adjoining room but still stay up late to socialize. Things are going okay so far. Last night's party had a couple of periods of busy-ness, but otherwise was pretty slow. Tonight we organized a bunch of people to come to the suite and eat pizza (inspired by doing this at ConFusion, organized by [ profile] minnehaha et al), and it was wonderful. That gave us a cluster of people early in the evening, but I people have already started drifting away, as the Buffy floor show and dance and stuff get started.

Liam's having a good time and has been in pretty good spirits. Not surprisingly, thought, the convention is messing with his sleep cycle. Last night he woke up and didn't want to settle back down in the pack-n-play - he's used to having someone in bed with him after a certain time at night. Eric was tired so went to bed as well, but Liam still didn't settle, and the party was slowing down, so I closed the party and joined them. But by that point he'd been up long enough that he decided that it was time to be awake for real, and I spent the next 3 hours trying to get him to sleep. Not fun. Had I known, I could have kept the party open and just brought him out with me! But at least he slept in - until 8:30, anyway...

His naps were late today, so we're just trying to get him to sleep now. I nursed him and walked around with him and bounced him in the bedroom in the sling for a while, and now Eric is taking a turn. From the sounds over the monitor it seems he's had a couple of false alarms. If we get another one I'll go swap in with him and see if the mommy touch will help.


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:40 pm
I don't like Liam being sick, but this particular sickness has a nice side effect - sleep! Last night he woke up much less frequently than usual, which was really nice for me! And today he's at the 2.5 hour point for his nap, and still sleeping (I got an hour myself at the beginning, until he wailed in his sleep and woke me up).


Apr. 11th, 2005 02:51 pm
It wasn't a one time "ate too much" oddity - the little guy just barfed all over again. No work for Tammy tomorrow either.

It's staff meeting week, so I can't say I'm all that disappointed, but still... it gets tedious being home, and I don't want to drag the vomiting boy all over town. Oh well, such is parenthood. If he has to stay home on Wednesday I'll get Eric to take a turn.
After a couple of busy weekends, Eric and I had very little planned for this past one. Friday night saw our first grilling of the season - cheeseburgers, served with steamed broccoli, salad and oven fries.

Saturday I took Liam to his friend Maya's first birthday party, and while we were out of the house Eric got a start on changing the fish tanks. Saturday night we got together with Scott and Sue for our second grilling of the season - asparagus, zucchini, portabellas, salmon, and some pan roasted potatoes. Yum. We had intentions to play a game together, but Liam continued his recent trend of not falling asleep easily at night, so instead we just had strawberry shortcake and came home.

Sunday more fish tanks were cleaned, and we tackled one of our long list of organizational tasks - organizing the utensil drawers in the kitchen. All the other drawers and cabinets also need organization, but there's only so much you can do during one baby nap. We met up with [ profile] netmouse and [ profile] murphyw for dinner at Shalimar - it was nice to see them, and nice to go out. Liam was an absolute joy - he was the cheeriest I've ever seen him. After dinner we walked around downtown a little bit, stopping into Afterwords, and the Sweetwaters so Eric could get a cappucino. To go, as we had to get the baby home to bed. Picked up a bunch of books for Liam at Afterwords - at $2.98 each, it's hard to resist. In three of them the artwork is paintings by famous artists - we got A Magical Day with Matisse, Dancing with Degas, and A Picnic with Monet. Alas, there were no copies of In the Garden wth Van Gogh (referenced on the back of the other books). But still - neat! We also got a Touch and Feel bedtime book, because he likes those a lot, and then a neat little book called Grow Up!. Each page has a different baby animal and a peekaboo window - what does a kitten grow up to be? And then you turn the page with the peekaboo window and there's a cat! Etc. The last page of course has a baby growing up to be "me!" with a little mirror. Very clever - I think Liam will like it a lot.

All of the excitment may have been too much for Liam, though. He insisted on nursing for a long, long time when we went to bed (I didn't succeed in unlatching him until close to midnight, I think). And then around 2 he woke up but didn't want to nurse. I managed to settle him by patting his back, but just a few minutes later he woke up again and barfed all over the bed. Nice thing about cosleeping - I was able to pull him out of it and settle him before he even had time to get upset. Bad thing about cosleeping - having to change the sheets on a king size bed in the middle of the night. He managed to settle down and go back to sleep really easily, but both Eric and I lied awake for a long time. I think I finally got to sleep around 3:30. Luckily, Liam slept well after that. Even when he woke up he didn't want to nurse, so it was fairly easy to settle him with just a hand on the back. Left me awfully engorged this morning, though.

Just like with a fever, he can't got to daycare if he's been vomited within 24 hours, so I'm home with him today. But I'd already arranged to give a neighbor a ride into work today, so after Liam woke up (he slept in for a while) I loaded him into the car, dropped Katie off, and took him into the office. Figured I'd grab some work to bring home. But I realized that the main thing I needed to do was get a mailing out the door, so I figured I'd see how much I could get done before he got too unhappy. He was really good - I got quite a bit done, and then when I was about to give up, I found someone to play with him and give me the extra 20 minutes I needed. (One of my coworker's adult daughters was visiting for a while before heading to the airport and was happy to play with him.)

All of the excitement meant he missed his usual morning nap, but he feel asleep the *instant* I put him in his car seat to come home. Luckily he's gotten really good at staying asleep from the car to the house, so I was able to put him in the pack-n-play, eat lunch, and compose this LJ post. Now I'd better go do some laundry before he wakes up!
Liam has learned an annoying little trick. He's figured out that if I'm holding him under the arms and he wants to get down, raising his arms above his head makes him much harder to hold, and I have to let him down. So if he wants to be held, he'll hold his body like a "t" - if he's squirmy, he makes an "I".

I hurt my wrists doing yoga earlier this week, so I've been having trouble picking him up and carrying him anyway - this is definitely not helping!
Liam has a security fork.

It's context appropriate in this picture, but he'll drag it all over the house sometimes, and heaven forbid you try to take it away! It's very funny.

BTW - Haven't given a pointer to Liam pictures in a while, but if you want to ogle the baby:
March Pictures
April Pictures (so far)

There's a rather excessive number of pictures of him eating, because of the foodblog I was writing for eGullet. But there are some other cute shots too.
Liam's walking is improving, albeit slowly. Up until now he would take an unsupported step or two here or there while moving from one piece of furniture to the next, or take maybe 3 or 4 steps to get from an piece of furniture to mom or dad. Yesterday afternoon he let go of the couch and just wandered directly into the middle of the hallway - travelling about 4 or 5 feet before he went down. This was the first time I've seen him do it, and he adopts a completely different stance - more stiff legged and cautious - than when he's just propelling himself from one place to the next and hoping he'll stay upright in between. Kinda neat.

Very tired

Apr. 5th, 2005 10:21 am
Liam had a rough night. Not sure why. He has a(nother) cold, but that didn't seem to be bothering him all that much. It was just that he was waking up about every hour, and having a really hard time getting settled back down. At one point we realized that he had a majorly leaky diaper, so clearly that was bothering him. And he was coughing, so we gave him some cough suppressent, changed his diaper, and that led to us getting maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. But then he was back to the awake and wiggly every hour. At one point he even managed to roll himself off the bed (but since the drop is only 8 or 10 inches, I don't think he even really noticed). Eric fled for the other bedroom at about the halfway point - glad one of us managed a good night's sleep.

It does make me realize how much Liam's sleep has improved. Yes, he still wakes up a lot in the night even on typical nights. But he used to do something like the above pretty much every night, and that was really exhausting - seemed like I never got more than 30 minutes of consecutive sleep. Now I'm habitually getting at least a couple of hours at a time. Which still doesn't seem like enough, but is certainly better than nights like last night.
Liam's having an interesting day. He only drank one 4 ounce bottle all day at daycare, although he reportedly drank lots of water from his sippy cup. This would be a good sign, if he hadn't been ravenously hungry and demanding to nurse when I went to pick him up. But there were other kids around distracting him, so we didn't actually nurse until we got home, whereupon he fell immediately asleep. At 6 pm. Which is only an hour earlier than his usual bedtime, but meant that he didn't have any dinner. We weren't sure if he would treat it like a nap or like bedtime, but it was definitely bedtime, as when he woke up in the pack and play about 3 hours later he was VERY upset to be getting a diaper and clothes change instead of just going into his bed and nursing.

He had a busy exciting weekend visiting relatives, then today was the first beautiful spring day we've had, so they had the kids outside for a long time at daycare. Fresh air and exercise - hopefully he'll sleep well tonight, but I have my doubts. And he woke up at 6 am this morning - with his early bedtime tonight I'm afraid for what that will mean about tomorrow morning. Which is all a long way round way of saying that I better get my own ass to bed!

11 Months

Mar. 28th, 2005 01:57 pm
In preparation for writing each months' report, I review the last month. And there are a lot of similarities between last month and this month. A month ago I described his slow and steady progress towards walking, which continued this month and culiminated in him taking his first steps on his 11th monthday! First he got much better at standing on his own, then he started to take little half steps/half lunges, and finally he's toddled across open spaces without *immediately* falling on his face. Last month I also reported on the imminent arrival of upper teeth, as evidenced by the drooling and biting and chewing. And this month I will once again report on the imminent arrival of upper teeth, as evidenced by the drooling and biting and... well, you get the picture. But really, honest, they're coming this time... We hope.

But there were also some unique things this month. He had his first major health issue, a sinus infection that required antibiotics. He started rejecting bottles at daycare and thereby cut his consumption of EBM from 13 ounces a day at the beginning of the month to about 8 ounces now. And his increased food intake means he's nuring less now as well - at least during the day, when he'll frequently go 4 hours without nursing (nighttime is another story entirely). Given the chance, he'll happily nurse more often, but if we're busy he doesn't miss it. In writing this I just realized that we now plan our activities around when he needs to eat, not when he needs to nurse, which is a *big* change. And speaking of solids, he's gotten both more and less picky - he's eating a wider range of foods than ever before (most dinners he eats what we do, now, plus a little extra to round things out), but he's started out-and-out rejecting old standbys like squash and sweet potato. It's fun to watch him pick through finger foods on his tray, picking out the favorites to eat first, and leaving the less favored items for if he's still hungry later.

And there's been intellectual development accompanying all this physical stuff too. Now that he has a full grasp of object permanence he loves, loves, loves peekaboo, and many a diaper change has been eased (for all of us) by throwing a clean cloth diaper over his head and calling "Where's Liam?" It's clear that he understands more of what we're saying, and is starting to develop an understanding about cause and effect. Neat stuff. Still nothing resembling words, or even sounds that are attached to any one thing in particular, and we're not sure if he's waving bye-bye or not, but I'm sure the day will soon come when we'll be waxing nostalgic about his baby coos as he yells NO NO NO at us.
Hearing knews of Liam's impending first steps, his Grandma told me to pass on the request that he wait until the end of the month so she could be there to see it. And to tie him down if I had to. ;-) Well, it seems the dutiful grandchild was listening, because he took his first toddling steps on Saturday. During the day he'd do a sort of two-step/llunge combination that we were willing to concede as "taking steps" but not truly walking. But then later that he night he was desperate to get over to a baby sitting in her car seat on the floor, and it took about 3 to get there. After having done it once he must have realized it wasn't as bad as he feared, because Sunday was just filled with attempts, much to the delight of the horde of visiting relatives. The longest so far is about 4 or 5 steps from the coffee table over to visit his Great Grandma.

Other news of the weekend still to come, plus his 11 month wrap-up, and cute pictures from the weekend, of course.
As of today Liam is officially only getting two bottles at daycare. It doesn't seem to be bothering him any. Just one more sign that my little boy is growing up.

It's kind of ironic, actually, because his drop in consumption is coming just as I have happened upon a pumping schedule that is resulting in my pumping more than ever before. And, as a bonus, gives me more hours of uninterrupted work time! I pump as soon as I get into work at 9. Mornings are so busy around here that we don't nurse after getting out of bed in the morning, so depending on how Liam slept the night before, he may not have nursed since 5 or 6 or 7, so I've had a chance to build up a good 2 or 3 ounces. I pump at 1 and then again at 5 just before leaving work, and have been getting between 10 and 12 ounces per day! Plus I'm still trying to pump after he goes to bed at night, so long as I'm not too tired. It will be nice to build up a stash again, after a couple months of living on the edge.



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