New Nephew

Oct. 11th, 2006 12:22 pm
My sister had her baby just after midnight. Mom and baby are doing fine. His first name is Nolan - can't remember the middle name right now. Labor went very quick - she went into the hospital around 9, got an epidural, and ended up delivery the baby before it even kicked in. My dad and stepmom haven't seen him yet, as the hospital has very restrictive visiting restrictions - they'll be going after 4 today.

Hooray for healthy babies! We'll probably go visit in a couple of weeks - my calendar is so tight it will be hard to fit in, but probably the first weekend of November.
My dad and stepmom are supposed to be coming in today. I called last night to try to figure out the plan, so I'd know what days to take as vacation days from Liam's daycare, etc. In response to my phone call, my stepmom SMS'd me to tell me they'd be here at 5. Okay - when were they planning to tell me that? Because if they were just going to show up at 5, I wouldn't be here, since I work until 5. But knowing that they were going to be here at 5, I took off from work early so I'd have time to pick Liam up and get groceries for dinner.

And of course, it's now 5:30, and they're not here yet. And they haven't called or SMS'd me to let me in on the new plan, if there is one. So I don't want to start dinner, in case they're not coming, or coming late. Grrr. This is what cell phones are for, people.
I was ready to drop Liam off at daycare this morning. Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy, but I was ready. Eric went to Origins this weekend, so I was on single mom duty upon arriving home from my business trip last week. I never sleep well in hotel beds, so I was already sleep deprived going in. And I made that worse by having my coworker Kathy over for wine and reality TV on Friday night. At least Liam slept until 6:30.

We got up and got fed and dressed and packed for our trip to see the aforementioned grandpa and grandpa (no, they're not a gay couple, Liam just has something against saying grandma). We hit the road around 9:30 and made excellent time zipping down I-94 to Port Huron. Only to have traffic grind to an utter halt about a mile before the exit to the bridge to Canada. We were literally parked on the highway for at least 10 minutes, then began to slowly creep along again. I thought there was an accident or something exciting, but it appears to have just been that I chose the wrong time to cross the border. Liam was remarkably good, really - he had been asleep until I stopped just a few minutes before this to get gas, and probably would have gone back to sleep if we'd been able to zoom along. But instead, he woke up and I passed him back toys and sang along to the Wiggles and did my best to entertain him.

After finally getting through the border (about 90 minutes all told) he spent the last 45 minutes of the trip saying "I see grandpa grandpa" over and over and over again, interspersed with the occasional "I all done car." and "I get out." When I attempted to distract him by pointing out some cows, he inexplicably began chanting "i see doggy" until eventually switching back to the grandpa grandpa refrain. Between that and the Wiggles (as any other kids CD I put in was met with "I no like dat music") I was about done when we finally arrived at the eponymous grandpa grandpa's. My sleep deprivation was kicking in, and after we had some lunch grandma took him off to ride around the campground on a golf cart and I got a glorious (and much needed) nap.

Even with grandparent help I was still "on" most of the time this weekend, and getting tired and stressed out. Fortunately the drive home went better than the drive there. Liam complained and called "mommy, mommy" continuously all the way to the border, so we got out at the duty free and wandered around for a little while. I was hit upon by a brilliant idea and bought a little package of cookies for Liam, which he couldn't have until we were back in the car. Thus ensuring no complaints about getting loaded back up. And he was asleep before finishing the first half of his first cookie. Allowing me to put on my own music (CD from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical - a great singalong roadtrip CD). Hooray! Two times through the CD and we were home, Liam staying completely asleep as his dad carried him from the car into the house and into bed.

Today was supposed to be my sleep in day, but Eric didn't budge at all when Liam woke up and my attempts to rouse him were not very successful. Rather than resort to pinching or cold water, I just go up myself. But that made for a tired and grumpy mom this morning, as Liam was being a little, umm, challenging. After listening to him say "mommy, mommy, mommy," over and over again all the way to daycare (to which I replied "Mommy's not here right now, please try again later"), I was quite pleased to drop him off and get a break. And now I'm at work, and annoyed to be here, because I wasn't planning on coming in today but got told I was needed to get a proposal out the door - and here it is 11 am and I there's no sign of said proposal. Ugh.


Jun. 1st, 2006 08:44 pm
A while ago I posted about a trip I took to visit my dad and stepmom. It was our first time ever getting all four of the grandkids together at the same time, so we took a LOT of pictures. I've just now gotten around to uploading this pictures, and they are here.

Here's the four cousins, together at last:

From left to right: Liam (April 2004), Ethan (November 2002), Emily (April 2004) and Jazzmyn (June or July, 2003)

Liam and Emily are only 2 days apart in age. Since Jazzmyn has yet to turn three, we actually had three two year olds together for an entire weekend, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as you might think!
Feels like it's been a while since I've posted any substantive to LJ. I've been busy at work, and thus not able to post much during the day. And my evenings have been busy as well.

This weekend I took Liam to visit his grandma and grandpa and cousins at my parent's (ie. dad and stepmom) RV home park outside of London, ON. Eric had other things scheduled for the weekend, so he stayed home. The occasion was the first time ever that all of Liam's generation of cousins could be together in the same place at the same time. There are four cousins all born within 20 months of each other. Ethan turned three in November, Jazzmyn will turn three in June or July, and Liam and Emily were born just two days apart and turned 2 at the end of April. Liam's spent time with all of them once or more in his life, but Jazzmyn lives in British Columbia, so this was the first time they could all get together.

My parents have Emily for the weekend every other week, and this was their week. Her dad, Adam, has pulled one of his dropping off the face of the planet things, so we didn't see him at all (he and Emily's mom split up long before Emily was born). Jenny, Jazzmyn's mom, took advantage of the grandparent babysitting opportunity to go to Windsor to visit friends for the weekend. Jazzmyn's dad, my brother Chris, didn't arrive until yesterday, so I didn't get to see him. Ethan and his parents came out on Sunday. My sister Amy is expecting grandchild number 5 in October.

It was a pretty good weekend. Laid back. Liam and I left after dinner on Friday, arriving late. Strangely, Liam didn't sleep for the entire car ride, waking up after only 90 minutes or so, then dozing off and on after that . Which made it hard to get him to sleep that night, he was so excited about seeing "Grandpa and Grandpa." (Saturday they became grandma and grandma for a while, then my dad was grandma while Edith was grandpa, and by Sunday he seemed to mostly have it right.) Saturday was cold, so we spent much of the morning inside - 3 kids in a 30-odd foot trailer is an experience - but they all did really well at playing together. The girls totally bonded. After every meal they would slide down under the table and giggle at each other. It was very silly. Saturday afternoon was (barely) warm enough to go outside, and there was much swinging on the swingset. Sunday was gorgeous - warm and sunny - so were able to spend the entire morning outdoors until Liam and I left after lunch. He took his nap in the car and slept almost all the way home.

My stepmom continues to make annoying noises about my parenting. She's really bothered by our extended nursing, for reasons I totally can't understand and she's never bothered to articulate. And while she's actually really brilliant with newborns and infants, I've discoverd that she has horrible instincts about toddlers. I'll write more about that in another post.

I have tons of cute pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet, so I'll post them later.
We've had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning was Eric's sleep in day, so I hung out with Liam. After Eric woke up, the three of us went over to Sunward Cohousing (just across the pond from Great Oak) to attend a Kindermusic class. It was the first time we've take Liam to something like that, and he loved it. Once he got over his initial shyness, anyway. He loves music, and really enjoyed playing drums and bells and dancing as the instructor/ leader played her guitar. He was very excited by the guitar.

Then it was home for lunch, and then into the car for a car nap on the way to visit Grandma. This particular Grandma lives the closest, but for a variety of reasons has seen Liam very little. He was shy at first, but warmed up when he saw their dauschund (sp?) named Buster. He got even more excited when we told him we were going to take Buster in the car. We went to a neat little nature trail hidden away right in the middle of some very urbanized Detroit suburbs. Liam got to walk the dog, and got to see the dog go potty - all very exciting to a not-quite-two year old. After that we went back to Grandma's house (trailer), got Grandpa and we all went out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok Cafe. It's been a long time since we were there, but it's as good as I remember it, and they've finally started accepting credit cards!

This morning was my sleep in day. After I got up, Eric went upstairs to take a nap, and Liam and I went outside and played. There was a little girl visiting from Touchstone Cohousing (next door) and she and Liam sort of played together on the play structure for a little while. Then we played a little bit of ball. Liam's idea of playing ball is walk up really close to someone and throw the ball AT them. This doesn't work so well when the someone is the same size as you! So we worked on this idea of kicking or rolling the ball on the ground instead.

I was tired and headachy, so when I took Liam up for his nap, I decided to crash too, and giving me a very nice almost 2-hour nap this afternoon. Ah - I feel caught up on sleep for the first time in a while. We spent the late afternoon over at Scott and Sue's. Liam had heard me mention Alex's name on Friday, and was talking about him for the rest of the day, so I promised him we'd try to visit. The boys played beautifully together for the most part - it gives us all great hope for the future, when our kids will go off and play together, and maybe we can play some board games like we used to!

Scott and Sue already had plans for dinner, so Eric and Liam and I went over to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dinner. We weren't very hungry, so Eric and I each had some soup, and then we split the mini-burger sampler. Liam was pretty well behaved, especially given that we'd arrived just far enough into the dinner rush that there were a bunch of orders ahead of us and ours was a little slow. Ric brought us a couple of tastes of wine, including a really interesting aperitif that they had a sample bottle of. The maker will be releasing it an upcoming Roadhouse special dinner. It was infused with rose, geranium and some other flower. It was very remiscent of Gewurztraminer, but without some of the overwhelming aspects that some Gewurz can have. Really neat - [ profile] sarahf you'd like it a lot!

Then home. We're taking advantage of daylight savings time to try out an experiment with Liam's bedtime. Previously, we started bedtime at 7, with the goal of him being asleep by 8. Now we're starting at 8, with the goal of asleep by 9. This is the same body time for Liam - we're just not adjusting his bedtime to match the clock, we're keeping him the same. Our hope is that this means he'll sleep until the same time in the morning, but since we're adjusting our own clocks, that will mean 6 instead of 5 for us. Of course, this means we have less baby-free time in the evening. That will make some things harder (we'll need to relocate wine club, and Eric won't be able to attend anymore, since it runs from 8 to 9) but may generally turn out to be positive, as we'll be less rushed in the evening and Eric will get more time to see Liam (during the week, he gets home from work just in time for dinner, then we'd start bed right away - now they'll have some time to play). This will be good for the summer, when there's lots of Great Oakers hanging around outside after dinner - it was a bummer last year to always have to rush home for bedtime.


Jan. 26th, 2006 02:46 pm
I think I'm still recovering from the convention, because despite several nights of pretty good sleep, I'm still tired. Of course, last night's sleep was disrupted for an hour in the middle by a screaming, tantruming child. Blech. I think that with my dad arriving last night, he was afraid that Eric and I were going to leave again. He's been much more clingly and mama's boy ever since the convention.

My dad got here last night. I didn't really want to go out with Liam today, and have to figure out how to entertain him amidst everything else that was going on, so I let my dad go ahead on his own, and Liam, Eric and I will head out tomorrow morning. The funeral is at 1:30, so we should have plenty of time. We'll plan to spend Friday night at my sister's, and maybe Saturday night too, depending on how things go.

So I'm home, and will be heading off to cook common meal in about an hour. I know, all of you suggested that I trade the shift away, but I like cooking, so I'd really rather do it. Or at least, if I wasn't so sleepy, I would. Speaking of which, I think I'll go try to sneak in a cat nap before it's time to go cook.


Jan. 25th, 2006 09:54 am
Still trying to figure out all the arrangements for going over for the funeral, etc. My dad gets here tonight. I assume he'll want to go over first thing tomorrow. Funeral isn't until Friday at 1:30. We could drive over with him tomorrow - either all of us, or just me and Liam, with Eric to follow on Friday. Or we could just loan him a car, and then follow on Friday. Once we're there, we have to figure out how long to stay. Do we make a weekend of it, so as to maximize visiting my sister and brother and other family? Probably a good idea, but after being away at ConFusion last weekend, Eric and I are both feeling a need to be home.

Ugh. Just don't know. I'm supposed to cook common meal tomorrow - someone has offered to sub for me, which I should probably take him up on, just so I have all the options open. And it's not a good week to be away from work for another day, but that's pretty inescapable at this point.

(My uncle died on Monday night. Earlier, friends-locked post is here.)
We made it to Florida safe and sound. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, which was good since it gave Liam lots of time to run off some energy before we got on the plane. We were glad that we bought him his own seat, although as it turned out, there were empty seats on the plane, so
we might have been able to get one without paying for it. We mesmerized him with Wiggles episodes played on my laptop. He wouldn't wear the headphones, so we put the volume on very low, and it didn't seem to bother our neighbors (better than a grumpy baby, I think). The flight attendants all asked us if he'd flown before, because he seemed like such a seasoned traveller. (He's flown three times before, but not since he was 7 months old, over a year ago now.)

Eric's dad's house is a toddler's parents' nightmare. Every surface is covered with fragile items, all at toddler height. We've moved things up and out of the way, but every time we turn around there's something we missed. I think he only ended up breaking 3 or 4 things. Then there are all the collectibles. The room the three of us were sleeping in has a short shelf unit filled with beanie babies and other stuffed animals. I'm sure they're all collectible and Sherri (Eric's Dad's wife) would prefer they not be played with, but in Liam's eyes they are indistinguishable from toys - if they didn't want him to touch them, they should have moved them out of his room!

The strange thing is that they have a bunch of grandkids, including one just a year older than Liam. I was figuring that she was just trained to never touch anything, but I found out that she was a late bloomer, and didn't *start* walking until she was close to Liam's age. So she was probably old enough to have a little more self control before she could really get in much trouble.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, one of Sherri's daughter came over with her three kids, and we had pizza for lunch and they opened up presents and visited for a while. Christmas Eve we went over to another daughter's house for dinner. This went on later than anticipated, and Liam was very tired since he was up past his bedtime. We were trying to zone him out with the TV (as Sherri's daughter has inherited her taste for breakable collectibes scattered all around the house) and noticed an interesting thing. The shows Liam watches - Wiggles and Teletubbies mostly - are all live action. So he has no interest whatsoever in cartoons or animation - they simply don't hold his attention at all. As we were channel surfing however, we came across the Lawrence Welk Show. Funny looking people singing and dancing - it's just like the Wiggles. Liam LOVED it. Too funny. The 70's hair and clothing were a trip, and it was all just so... wholesome.

Christmas day was really relaxed. We figure this will probably be the last year for a long time that Liam won't be clamoring at dawn to open his presents, so we took advantage of that. I took a nap in the morning while Eric and Liam played in the pool, and we didn't open up presents until it was almost lunchtime. We gave Liam a couple of books about dogs, a set of farm animal bath toys, and some beaded necklaces. From his grandma and grandpa he got another book, a little stuffed donkey, and a wooden puzzle. Liam gave his grandma and grandpa a plate that he decorated with painting and his palm print, which they just loved. Plus a Christmas tree ornament with a picture of the three of them from their visit in October. And we gave them a photo album/frame combo with pictures from the last year. Eric and I decided not to schlep presents for each other to Florida and back again, so we'll exchange gifts some time this week. (Or, more likely, I'll give Eric his gifts - I've spent a bunch of money on clothes and books this month, so I told him he didn't need to get me anything.)

Christmas afternoon was spent mostly in the pool. Well, in the spa section of the pool. It's not as hot as a real hot tub would be, but it was a smaller space where Liam would feel more comfortable, and could stand up and walk around the seat on his own. He loved the pool, and getting him out of it was a real challenge. I turned into a prune and vacated, but luckily his dad didn't mind staying in with him. Dinner on Christmas night was ham and fixings, just for the five us. Christmas night I got sick, which made the trip home miserable, but up until then it was a a pretty relaxing holiday. I got to read a bunch, which was very nice. Although Eric's family, like many people I've come across, don't seem to get the idea that if someone is reading a book, maybe that's not the best time to strike up a conversation.

I've got a bunch more posts in the works based on the weekend, so watch this space. In the meantime, here are the titles as teasers:
Food Porn of a Different Sort
This is the American Dream?
White Suburban Racism
Eric, Liam and I are going to visit Eric's dad in Florida for Christmas weekend. Our flight leaves at nine, so we need to be out to the airport by 7, so we have to leave in the next 15 minutes or so. Which meant an early morning for all of us, as I wanted to keep Liam's morning routine as intact as possible so we wouldn't have a big struggle. So far that plan has gone well. He fell back asleep for a little while after I nursed him, so I was able to sneak in a shower. We're packed and ready to go, all except the computer I'm typing on. We've got a bunch of videos copied over to the computer so Liam will have some video entertainment on the plane. I'm not looking forward to airport craziness or the 3 hour flight with a toddler, but going somewhere warm will sure be nice!

Probably won't be online much, as Eric's dad is on dialup. See you on Monday. And if you're celebrating a holiday this time of year, have a happy one!

He's off!

Oct. 29th, 2005 08:07 am
Liam, that is. Sent the little guy off with his grandparents yesterday morning. You know they must really love him, if they'd take him again after last weekend's 5 hour long "I want to nurse" temper tantrum in the wee hours of Sunday morning! He was a little standoffish with my stepmom on Thursday - she thinks he's "blaming" her for not being able to nurse at night anymore (we took advantage of a 2-night headstart to try nightweaning again, and it's not been over a week. You can read more about it in Eric's post, if you want). But he warmed up to her later in the day. I figured that if he were really traumatized by last week's experience (not that we actually think so, mind you) that it would show when we tried to load him into my parents truck on Friday morning. But he ran right over to it and tried to climb up into it himself, then gave me a happy wave goodbye when he was all loaded into his car seat, so I guess not.

It's been a relaxed baby-free weekend so far. Last night Eric went with [ profile] scottij to a booze tasting (Scotch, Cognac, you name it). I was the designated driver and dropped them off and picked them up. In between I went back to Scott and Sue's house and held baby Jessie while Sue gave Alex his dinner (tough job). Then I came home and did a bunch of ConFusion election related things and watched an episode of Iron Chef before running back out to pick Eric up. Then I went to bed. :-( I've got a cold, see, and I felt just awful. But I did take a long hot bath with jets in the jacuzzi tub before going to bed, so that was nice.

We have yet to figure out what we're doing during the day today, although cleaning the house is the number one contender right now. With Eric taking night duty with Liam, he's been too tired in the evenings to do his usual near-obsessive tidying, and while I've been trying to pick up the slack some, I'm not as motivated as Eric is. The tidying won't take long, but the floors desparately need to swept and mopped, as there are graham cracker crumbs everywhere, and yogurt spills in places suprisingly far from Liam's high chair.

Tonight we're going to dinner at Emily's in Northville to celebrate my birthday. After that we're going to stop by the Stilyagi Hallowe'en party, where we're voting for Guests of Honor for ConFusion 2007. I fear that will be shorter stop than would be nice, but if I feel tonight like I did last night, I'm going to want to go to bed early. We'll see. I'm looking forward to dinner. We were supposed to be going to Alinea in Chicago for my birthday dinner, but alas, we decided that Eric had been out of work too long to make the Chicago trip financially feasible.

Tomorrow we'll go out to the trailer to pick Liam up and spend the afternoon there. They've got a nice warm indoor pool and hottub that I'm looking forward too, and maybe even some mini golf if the weather is okay. We'll have dinner there and then load Liam into the car at bedtime.


Aug. 8th, 2005 09:55 pm
My parents are visiting for the week, along with Jade and Madison, their honorary grandkids. They're staying out at their RV at a campground about 30 miles away. They came in for the afternoon and this evening to visit, and we went to Blimpy Burger for dinner.

Tomorrow, though, Eric is taking Liam out to the campground - and leaving him there. Until Wednesday afternoon when we'll rejoin them and have dinner, then bring Liam home with us. I will miss him, of course, but I'm eagerly anticipating a baby-free night in bed, with no one kicking me or crying to be nursed. Ahhh - nirvana! Hopefully Liam will have fun and not be too horribly traumatized - it will be his first night not spent with either me or his dad or both of us.

To take full advantage of our baby vacation, we're going out for dinner and a movie with [ profile] murphyw and [ profile] netmouse. The movie will be either Batman Begins or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The dinner location is still up for grabs - anybody got any suggestions? Not too terribly expensive, given the lay off thing, but I'm also not wanting real cheap/greasy spoon eats. Since both the movies are playing out at Showcase, we're thinking of Ypsi for dinner, which points towards either La Fiesta Mexicana or Dalat. Anything new out that way we should be aware of?

Thursday I'm cooking common meal. Yes, again. So Eric and Liam will probably join the gang in going to the zoo, then they'll all join us here for dinner. By then my sister and her husband and their son will have arrived, so it'll be even crazier around here.


Jun. 4th, 2005 10:11 pm
We came back early from visiting my parents, getting home around 4 this afternoon.

It started out really well. Got there on Thursday around noon, spent some time with the 'rents, then left Liam with Grandma and Grandpa and went into London for dinner with [ profile] kgkofmel and Mark and Tanya ([ profile] gopaul). Kim and Tanya are two of my oldest friends, and stood up with me at my wedding. Kim and I have kept touch over the years, but Tanya and I haven't talked in probably 5 years or so, but recently got reconnected. So that was really nice. It was kind of bizarre wandering around downtown London - it's been so many years since I lived there, and it brought back lots of memories.

Friday afternoon baby Emily arrived. She is Liam's cousin (my niece) and just two days younger than Liam. At least, we think she's Liam's cousin. Her mom and my brother were broken up by the time she was born, and her mom had a new boyfriend, and she refused to get a paternity test or let my brother be part of the baby's life. Until recently, when she broke up with the boyfriend. Since then, my dad and stepmom have been watching her most weekends while Emily's mom works.

Anyway, I digress. Unfortunately, Emily's a tad bit aggressive. She's a known pincher. And within just a few minutes of her and Liam actually being down where they could play together, they had a tustle. She handed him a toy, then tried to take it back and there was yanking back and forth and they fell down on top of each other, all tangled up. My stepmom and I rush in, and she's trying to grab Emily's hands to keep her from pinching Liam when Emily leans forward and bites Liam on the arm! Luckily he was wearing a thick sweatshirt, because even through that she managed to break the skin. Poor Liam.

Well, after that things pretty much went downhill. I was having a nice relaxing weekend, letting Liam hang out with his grandparents while I read a book for the first time in a really long time. Now we were having to be totally vigilant about watching the babies. They're just one - too young to understand the concept of sharing, and both wanting whichever toy the other one is playing with.

So we decided to come home early. I hadn't been sleeping well there, so I figured it was better to leave in the afternoon than to drive at night, or spend another night there and get even more tired for the drive home tomorrow.
With his actual birthday on Tuesday and the party not until Saturday, Liam's birthday has been a week long affair. Thursday he and I went shopping for his birthday present and got too much stuff at Toys R Us (they had a buy one get one free sale on Fisher Price toys - so it's not that we spent too much money, just ended up with extra stuff). Friday was more shopping, for food and party supplies, and Saturday morning yet more shopping, for the cake and ice cream and a few forgotten items. Good thing the boy likes going to the store!

My dad and stepmom came out on Friday night. As usual, it was great having them here. When Liam woke us up at 7 am Saturday morning, I took him down the hall and handed him off to grandma, then crawled back into bed. Wasn't able to get back to sleep, but did have some cuddle time with Eric. This morning the handoff happened at 6 am, and I slept until 8 - heaven. Grandma loves her time with him in the morning when no one else is awake, and they had a lot of fun playing with his birthday stash. And then last night they babysat for us while we went out for a movie (Kung Fu Hustle - a silly silly movie, but with a little more gore than I usually like in my silly movies. And less dancing than you'd expect, sadly.) and then for a late dinner. So I definitely feel like I got to celebrate my birth day too!

Liam's party went well and was a lot of fun. I'd invited everyone at Great Oak, but didn't ask people to RSVP, so I had no real idea how many people to expect. But I managed to buy pretty much exactly the right amount of everything. Lots of kids - Holly and Brian came with Maya (also one year), Scott and Sue brought Alex (18 months) and then there were a bunch of Great Oak kids, ranging from 9 months to 10 years. Then various GO adults, plus both my sets of parents. While we had some toys out for the babies to run around with, I didn't have activities planned for the older kids, so they mostly hung out in the media room watching videos, in between raiding the snack tables and eating cake.

Liam was very funny with his cake. I was very curious to see what he'd do, since he'd had a practice run on Tuesday and now knew what tasty goodness lay within. But he didn't face plant or start grabbing huge fistfuls of cake. No, he reached out and one by one picked off the icing flowers and put them directly into his mouth. It was hysterical. After we took the cake away for cutting he was very upset that we'd taken it away from him, and was almost about to cry! (His daddy distracted him with some Fruity Booty until I got him a slice of cake to eat.)

He was much less excited about the presents, no surprise. In fact, he couldn't have cared less, and showed no interest whatsoever in opening them. Next year will be quite a bit different, I bet! So I called all the other kids together and asked them if they'd like to help Liam by opening up his presents - which they happily did in an orgy of present opening that was over in just a couple minutes.

Pictures (both Tuesday and Saturday) are in the usual place. But here's a sneak preview.

Hearing knews of Liam's impending first steps, his Grandma told me to pass on the request that he wait until the end of the month so she could be there to see it. And to tie him down if I had to. ;-) Well, it seems the dutiful grandchild was listening, because he took his first toddling steps on Saturday. During the day he'd do a sort of two-step/llunge combination that we were willing to concede as "taking steps" but not truly walking. But then later that he night he was desperate to get over to a baby sitting in her car seat on the floor, and it took about 3 to get there. After having done it once he must have realized it wasn't as bad as he feared, because Sunday was just filled with attempts, much to the delight of the horde of visiting relatives. The longest so far is about 4 or 5 steps from the coffee table over to visit his Great Grandma.

Other news of the weekend still to come, plus his 11 month wrap-up, and cute pictures from the weekend, of course.
Looks like all the cool people on LJ have already headed off to Minicon. It's pretty dead around here.

Alas, no Minicon for me. Instead we're taking Liam on his first road trip since he was just 2 months old, off to London (Ontario) to visit my parents. They've just returned home after wintering in milder climes (they are full-time RVers). Since Eric just started a new job he doesn't have any PTO yet, so we couldn't leave today, and didn't want to have to rush around this evening, so we're leaving tomorrow and coming back Sunday.

The current plan is to leave at Liam's naptime tomorrow morning and hope he sleeps pretty much all the way there (about a 3 hour drive, depending on the border). Coming home will be trickier, but I think we'll try to leave around his bedtime and hope he just sleeps all the way home. Seems like a no-brainer, but we've had trouble in the past travelling with him at night. But that was months ago, so hopefully it will go more smoothly this time.
When the first thing out of Eric's gay cousin's mouth is "I hope it's a boy so it will carry on the family name." This is the gay cousin who got left less money in his grandmother's will because he _wouldn't_ be carrying on said family name. That just seems wrong. Of course, said cousin is also a Republican, and there's nothing that seems wronger than a gay Republican.

(One of Eric's other cousins died suddenly over the weekend, and we were at the wake tonight. The last time we saw any of them it was at the previously mentioned grandmother's funeral. It's not a close family.)
My dad and stepmother are here for a visit. Last night we just hung out and went to Grizzly Peak for dinner. Today we've put them to work. Edith and I took everything out of the pantry and the lazy susan and reorganized them now that I know where the best place for things to live is. Then we took everything out of the spice cupboard and got it organized.

In the meantime, my Dad and Eric were tackling the basement. They've moved stuff around and consolidated a lot of boxes, and taken a bunch of stuff out to my Dad's truck to take to the Re-Use Center. After we drop stuff off there, we're going to head out to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up brackets and shelves to put up a bunch of shelving in the basement that will let us get organized and get the boxes off the floor. It's going to be great, and we'll actually be able to get to the things we need when we need them. Hooray!

Well, everybody is ready to go, so I guess it's time to be done my little sit down and rest break.



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