The first two of these are mostly about revisiting habits that I already had, but that lapsed during the holidays. The third one is new.

1. Get back on the wagon in terms of my weight loss plan. Most importantly, I need to get back in the habit of recording my food in the spreadsheet. I made it through the holidays without gaining - hooray! - but I'm only halfway to my goal and need to continue working on it. (I usually only talk about weight loss stuff on my diet filter - let me know if you're not seeing those posts and would like to be added.)

2. Post to my blog at least 4-5 times/week. When I started the blog I vowed to post to it daily, and actually managed that for a while. But like many things, I got out of the habit during the holidays and when I was sick.

3. Start promoting my Tammy's Tastings business (beyond just the truffle sales). As a first step to this, I point you all towards my commercial website, which I finally feel is good enough to show to people. Please take a look and give me feedback. (Warning to Firefox users in particular - I'm using a free Microsoft small business hosting service, and the design templates don't always behave properly in Firefox. It's readable, but not always pretty.) Other things I want to do this year in keeping with resolution three include:

  • Make up business cards/ flyers

  • Host at least one or two "Tasting" parties as freebies for friends, as practice and in the hopes that their attendees will be interested in booking something in the future

  • Teach a truffle making class at Everyday Cook

  • Network with event planners and others who would be good sources of potential work

Since I've talked on and off here about this bread, I thought I'd should post a pointer to the blog post where I discuss the process and share my recipe.
I'm sitting in my hotel in Minneapolis, which - happily - has free Internet access. I would have paid for it if I had to, but it's always nice not to need to.

My blog post about my experience at the meatpacking house is up on my blog. Even if you don't normally read my food related posts, you might find this one interesting, especially if you are a meat eater.

I don't expect to have anything nearly so interesting to write about this current trip, as I will just be attending and facilitating meetings all day long for three days.
I've been using sitemeter to track traffic to my blog, but the free version wasn't as robust as I'd like. This morning I discovered and their free version includes a ton of awesome features that stats junkies like me really get geeked about. Check it out!


Oct. 28th, 2006 05:15 pm
The next person to visit my blog will be my 1000th visitor!

Edited to say: Visit 1000 didn't have a referral, so whoever it was just typed in the url or clicked on a bookmark. It was someone in Ann Arbor, and they hit the site at 5:27 pm. They had a Comcast IP address and were running Firefox and Windows XP.

But thanks to everyone for playing! I'm up to 1015 now.


Oct. 6th, 2006 03:24 pm
There's a link to my blog from a Google Finance page right now. How cool is that? (It's on the stock page for JSDA - Jones Soda - whose "liquid candy corn" is the subject of today's blog posting.)
Today's amusing Google search that lead someone to my blog: "I picked up a stomach bug in Thailand."

I think the coolest thing about doing the blog is getting to see what searches people use. It's fascinating.


Sep. 26th, 2006 09:50 pm
My apologies to [ profile] tammystastings feed users for spamming your flist. The xml feed from blogger was messed up for a few days. Judging from the 20 posts that just hit my flist, it looks like it's working again...
Search term by which someone got to my blog. Although when I searched on the same phrase, I didn't see myself anywhere in the first few pages.
So, back when Eric suggested that I start a foodblog, he also suggested that I could just put all my food related posts there instead of also posting that stuff to LJ. No, no, I said - I'll continue to crosspost - I don't want to make people go two places.

Hah. Just as Eric predicted, I've mostly just been posting my food related stuff over there. So I thought I'd post a little digest here, in case people are missing my food posts but haven't subscribed to [ profile] tammystastings.

Recent posts in Tammy's Tastings:
A cookbook review and recipe for Pork with Paprika, Potatoes and Shallots
Description and review of the Spanish olive oil and vinegar tasting I attended at Zingerman's last week
My account of tasting the fabled "black pig"
Some raspberry love
Anyone got any tips? So far I've registered at Technorati and asked to be added to a couple of sites that aggregate food blogs. I've told you all about it, of course, and added a link to my signature file on eGullet. Any other suggestions?


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:07 pm
BTW, given the comment issue on Vox, I decided to migrate my new food blog over to Blogger/Blogspot. I had the syndicated feed for LJ changed to point to the new blog, so if you've already subscribed, you don't need to do anything.

The feed: [ profile] tammystastings

The blog:
I think I'm going to move the foodblog I was starting on Vox over to blogger, because of that whole comment issue. But before I do that, I really should decide what I want to call it. Anybody have any suggestions?

Tammy's Tastings is what I'd call my company, if I had one, so I don't actually want to call my blog that. I'm just not feeling the love. But neither am I being inspired to anything better. Help?
So, I'm trying out this Vox thing. And, at [ profile] eviljohn's suggestion, I'm also trying out writing an actual blog in addition to my journal. It's (not surprisingly, I'm sure) a food-themed blog. It's only got a couple of posts so far, but I'm going to try posting at least daily for a while to see how I like that.

Here's the link to my blog: Tammy's Tastings (I'm not committed to the name, and suggestions are welcome, but I needed something to get started). I've also created an LJ feed for it: [ profile] tammystastings.

My plan is to continue to post some food-related material here as well as there (but I'll be more likely to cut-tag it, probably). But I'll also be creating content specifically for the blog that I won't be crossposting here - a series exploring my spice cabinet and the uses thereof, reveiws and reports about specific products or ingredients, etc.

I'm looking for suggestions on ways to build readership for something like this. Advice?

And now that I'm on Vox, I have Vox invites to give, if anyone wants one, let me know.
Last night I cooked common meal. It was a pretty small meal (for me, anyway) with only about 45 people. I made up two different fruit toppings for the fish - peach-tomato salsa and blueberry-corn relish. The fish itself was just tilapia, which is very mild. I baked it in the oven, which was great - very quick and easy - took just 15 minutes to cook 12 lbs of fish. While the result was not as tasty as my pan-friend pecan encrusted tilapia, it sure was a lot less labor intensive...

The blueberry corn relish was the surprise hit of the night. It's very simple - just corn cut off the cob and quickly cooked, blueberries, chiffonaded basil, and a vinaigrette of olive oil, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper. Crunchy and fresh - definitely more than the sum of its parts. The peach salsa would have been better (or at least more what I wanted) if I'd used my original recipe. But there was a Zingerman's event in the common house in the morning, and there was a big bowl of peaches with chiles leftover. So we used those, but it just didn't result in the fresh taste I was looking for. Still good, just not what was in my head.

On the side, I served some leftover cucumber-feta-mint salad also from the Zing thing, some green salad, and boiled potatoes tossed with olive oil and parsley. Dessert was a Texas Sheet Cake, something I'd never heard of until someone in my eGullet "Cooking for 40" thread suggested it. It was reasonably tasty, although not all that interesting, but certainly simple and fast, which is a big plus when it comes to common meal. It's a very thin cake, cooked in a jelly roll pan. It's a little bit chocolate, and a little bit cinnamony, and a lot sweet.

Speaking of my eGullet thread, it's very odd. I have fans. People read the thread regularly, and if I've been slacking on keeping it up and do a big catch up post, I get comments saying how glad they are that I posted, that they'd been wondering what I'd been up to. Here's a recent comment:
Tammy, I just read from page 1-7 and I am bleary-eyed to say the least.I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these, and I am so glad you have beenposting all your meals. I have been cut and pasting them into a folderfor future reference. Thanks! Pages 1-7 equates to over 200 posts, that she sat down and read in one sitting! Wow.

Eric thinks I should start a separate blog that's a more public food blog, and put all of my food related posts there. What do you all think of that idea? I kind of feel like eGullet meets my public blogging desire, but it could be fun to do something for a potentially broader readership. Eric thinks I could just point LJ people there and stop posting food stuff to my LJ, but I said I'd still want to double post, cause I like having things in one place. I just created a Vox account (tammylc, just like here) so I could use that as my food blog and keep this as my journal...

If I get a job at Zingerman's, it seems like I'd definitely have lots of content to put in a food blog. Yes, I'm back on that trip again. I have an appointment Monday morning to talk to Grace, the managing partner of the Deli. I want to learn more about a) what kind of jobs there are there, b) what openings there are or that are coming up, and c) how much the pay and hours would suck. I'm growing increasingly bored with my job. They love me there, and I do good work when I can get motivated to do so, but that's not really often enough for me. And, as my paunch grows every paunchier and my body is starting to show the ergonomic strain of sitting at a computer all day, I'm actually thinking I might like a job that got me back on my feet and out from behind a desk. We'll see.



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