Jan. 15th, 2006

ConFusion is coming up really quick. Less than a week away now!

I've got a shopping list that I'm pretty happy with, I think. Got two years worth of receipts to look over - neither of which managed to include the soda buying information I was looking for. So I'm going to use my best guesses, and return cases as necessary. But I got some good ideas for quantities of other things.

[livejournal.com profile] rikhei came out shopping with me yesterday to pick up decorations for the Beach Room and the Bar. We got a 4 ft tall by 50 ft long "scene setter" for the beach room. It's plastic sheeting with a beach scene to wrap the whole room in. Should look pretty cool. And leis and umbrellas for the beach party on Friday night.

The response from my smoking consuite staff recruits has been utterly underwhelming, so I've pretty much decided that I'll do a scaled down smoking consuite - no alcohol, minimal food, just pop and munchies, and if people want more substantial stuff they can come upstairs. That way I can run it just with a gopher to make sure they don't set the place on fire. I'm sure I'll take some criticism about it, but I think it will be much more manageable this way. I don't think they need to be separate but equal.

I'm sad so many of you won't be there this year, but hopefully it will still manage to be fun. We're flying Liam's grandma in to babysit for the weekend, so Eric and I will be on our own - that's pretty exciting, although I'll be busy running hospitality.
Finally got my car in for a long overdue oil change and tune-up. I need new spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filters and some other random bit. All pretty inexpensive and easy to fix. I didn't need new brake pads - Eric had me all paranoid about my squishy brakes, but it's just that the Prius has very non-squishy breaks. My pads are only worn about halfway through.

However, I do need a new oil pan gasket. This is an $11 part. But fixing it requires three hours of labor, because they have to lift the whole engine out, etc, etc. Which means the grand total for all the repairs is over $500. Ugh.

But at least they fixed my trunk release for free!



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