Jan. 8th, 2009 03:08 pm
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I had some dental work done last year - an "overlay" to fix a tooth with a crack in in that wasn't bad enough to need a crown. That tooth was never quite right after - my bite wasn't quite right and the tooth has been very sensitive to heat and cold. And later, pressure sensitive as well.

Starting about 3 weeks ago I've had a constant little nagging headache. At first I didn't associate it with my tooth, but later I decided it really did seem to be emanating from that. At first it wasn't bad, and I figured it could wait until an appointment I had scheduled for next week. But this week I've been in constant pain, all the time. Not in my tooth directly, but in my jaw and head and neck on that side. So yesterday I "broke" and called the dentist - I couldn't bear the thought of being like this for another week.

They were able to get me in for a check up today, and it looks like the root on that tooth is dying and I need a root canal. So I've got a prescription for antibiotics to treat the abscess, Tylenol 3 for pain, and an appointment for a root canal at 7 am tomorrow morning. Oh joy, oh bliss. But if it will make this headache go away, then I'm all for it, really.
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