Mar. 5th, 2008

The Smell of Easter

When I host a chocolate tasting, I take guests through 3 steps - taking a "whiff" (what's the chocolate smell like?), taking a bite (what's the texture like?), and taking a taste (what flavors do they notice?). In nearly every chocolate tasting there will be at least one chocolate that everyone agrees "Smells like Easter!"

And why not? While we certainly associate chocolate with other holidays, if you celebrate Easter, memories of chocolate eggs and easter bunnies were formed long before you ever got a box of chocolate from a sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, a lot of Easter chocolate isn't particularly good. And some of it is downright bad! But thanks to Tammy's Tastings, you don't need to settle for bad chocolate in order to relive your childhood Easter chocolate memories. Visit my Easter page to place your order today! The Easter collection includes a "turtle" bunny or egg (filled with salty caramel and toasted pecans) and an assortment of four other flavors:

Raspberry - This classic combination of dark chocolate and raspberry is a perennial favorite.
Chai Spice - Milk chocolate harmonizes beautifully with a blend of spices that will make you think of a cup of milky Chai - cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and a few suprises too. A dark chocolate shell balances the sweetness of the center.
Lemon-Rosemary - White chocolate provides the perfect creamy backdrop to the high notes of citrusy lemon and a hint of earthy, foresty rosemary.
Hazlenut Praline - A dark chocolate shell surrounds this combination of toasted hazelnuts, caramelized sugar, and milk chocolate. Another classic combination, and one that is decadent and delicious!

Orders must be received by Friday, March 14; earlier for shipping to the western US.

Upcoming Events

American Rebels Chocolate Tasting
Coming in April, date TBD. In the 1980's, microbreweries pushed the boundaries of what we knew beer could be. In the 1990's, small coffee roasters began challenging the supremacy of Starbucks. And in the 2000's, chocolate is the new frontier. In this chocolate tasting, we'll have a chance to compare side by side the offerings from a crew of American Rebels - small, one or two person operations who are making bean to bar chocolate and breaking as many rules as they can along the way. Space will be limited - email me today to pre-pre-register, and you'll be able to provide input on the date and time!

Wishing you good tastes,
I think I must be getting better. Primary sign of this is that when I cough and hack, everything is clear. I'm still coughing and hacking, but it's no longer day glow yellow (it never got to ominous green). So I deem this progress.

I still don't like the way I feel after I lie down for a while, though. But I'm still tired a lot, so naps are a requirement whether I like them or not.

I have some delusions of going into work this afternoon - I've got an urgent and easy piece of work to do that I can only do in the office. I'm going to eat some lunch, and take a shower, and then try going in.


Mar. 5th, 2008 07:04 pm
Should not have had ice cream cake after dinner. Definitely should not have eaten my piece and the the ice cream Liam didn't want from his piece.

Instant mucus-factory.

(Sorry for the oversharing.)



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