Mar. 1st, 2008

After a pulse ox, breathing treatment and chest x-ray, the diagnosis is...

Everything's fine with your lungs, it's "just" viral influenza.

But wait, Tammy, I hear you say. Haven't you already had influenza once during this-going-on-three-week-long[1] illness from hell?

Why yes, gentle reader, I have. But thanks to the wonders of multiple strains, one doesn't have to settle for just one round of body wracking fever, chills and aches. You can get sick over and over and over again. Which is really so much better, don't you think? Because that whole breathing clearly and not being in pain thing is really dull, and you need more excitement in your life than that.

Today's prescriptions - prescription strength ibuprofen for the body ache and fever, flo-vent inhalable steroid for the continued cough.

[1] Chronology, in case anyone caresRead more... )

I think we're looking at at least 3 distinct infections. I do think I may have had a bacterial sinus infection in around the the middle there, and that's what the antibiotics took care of. But then my majorly suppressed immune system let the flu back in, or maybe it wasn't flu the first time around.

Today the major problems are the body aches. I just hurt all over, particularly in my back and sides from coughing so much. The cough is intermittent, not continuous, and only occasionally productive. Things took a long time at the doctor's office and the lab where I got my x-ray done - I spent far too much time sitting and waiting with just a flimsy gown to keep me warm. By the time I got back to the doctor's office, I was thoroughly chilled and in serious pain, and I just sat and cried from it all while I was waiting for her to come in with the results. In between pondering whether it would be better to lay down on the floor or try to curl up on the exam table.

Now i'm home, and in bed. I took a hot bath, lots of Ibuprofen and an hour long nap, and now I'm feeling well enough to sit up in bed and surf the web a bit. Hungry, so I guess I should go downstairs and find something for my grumbly tummy.


Mar. 1st, 2008 03:43 pm
While I was napping, the PA I saw this morning (and on Tuesday) called. I was sleeping, so it went to voicemail. Of course, she wouldn't tell me why she was calling, just said that she'd try to call back later today, or if that didn't work, Monday. When she was giving me my x-ray results, she noted that she hadn't heard from the radiologist yet, and if she'd missed anything when she read the x-rays, she'd let me know.

So, did she miss something? And if turns out I do have some pneumonia afterall, isn't that the sort of thing they wouldn't want to have wait until Monday? So what if that means the radiologist saw something else, something that happened to come up on the x-ray? Do I have a tumor? Am I going to die?

Just curious.
Finally heard back from the doc. It's not a tumor (really, I never thought it was one, just the meanderings of a weary mind). The radiologist thinks he sees early stage pneumonia, so they're calling in a Z-pack for me to try. I'm not sure I'm convinced, given that my number one complaint right now is pain in every square inch of my body, and that seems consistent with influenza, but I'm sure as hell willing to give anything the old college try at this point.

Oh, and she wanted to tell me to be sure to rinse my mouth really well after using the steroid inhaler, so I don't get thrush. Great - that would be exactly what I'd need right about now. I'm kind of amazed I haven't gotten a yeast infection yet, but since I have two days left on the Omnicef as well as the new antibiotic, I'm not counting myself through that woods yet. I just took some lactobacillus, try to keep my intestinal tract kind of healthy... I'll do some acidophilus too, next time i'm downstairs.



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