Feb. 25th, 2008

I took my last tab of Drixoral yesterday. When the need for some congestion relief overwhelmed me today, I bundled up and headed out to Meijer. They had the little card for Drixoral in the cold medicine aisle (it contains pseudoephedrine, and is thus on the restricted list), but they didn't have any behind the counter. On noz! She told me they hadn't been able to get it months. So I reluctantly picked something else out (another decongestant/antihistamine combo, but a 4-hr one, not the 12 hours of heaven that is Drixoral) and it did help my nose. But left me, as 4-hr dosing of decongestant tends to, feeling over-decongested and dry and weird. So on my way home from picking Liam up from daycare I stopped at CVS, and lo and behold, they had Drixoral. I didn't see a card in the aisle, but I asked the pharmacist out of desperation, and he said "Yep, but you'll have to show your driver's license." "No problem," I replied, "I'd trade you my firstborn if I needed to." I think he thought I was being funny...

Why I love Drixoral - somehow, between the 12 hour sustained action and the combination of an antihistamine and a decongestant, it manages to provide excellent symptom relief without making me too tired (as a an anthihistamine alone would do) or the inability to sleep that a decongestant brings. It is just the most kick-ass amazing cold medicine ever, and I have a totally new appreciation for it after using this other crap.



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