Feb. 22nd, 2008

Very sick

Feb. 22nd, 2008 07:44 am
Coughed coughed coughed so much at bedtime last night I had to go ahead and take the codeine cough syrup so I could get some sleep. Woke up this morning feeling like this is settling in my chest - I'm not coughing stuff up from my lungs, but my chest just feels tight and I'm oh-so-weary. (That might be Liam waking up at 5, though.) Oh, and to top it all off, now i have diarrhea too (sorry if that was TMI for anyone).

As soon as 8 am rolls around I'm going to call and hopefully get in to see a doctor today. Right now, I just want to curl up and cry.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 01:42 pm
Slight fever now, and the bands around my chest have been getting tighter all day long. Appt in an hour. I'm trying to get a ride from one of my Great Oak neighbors, but my first email bounced, so I'm trying again now.
I'm sick. Her guess is that it's a new bug, picked up in my immuno-suppressed state from the last bug. (Which I grow increasingly convinced was influenza.)

Main prescription - go to bed for 3 days. Additional prescriptions - daytime cough medicine, night time cough medicine (with codeine), albuterol inhaler. She figures the constant coughing is just wearing me out and making it hard for me to get better, so that's the main thing we're trying to control. The inhaler has already helped with the chest tightness and I feel like i'm breathing better and getting more air. There is still this little wheezy sound in the bottom of my left lung when I breath - she heard it too, but said she wasn't hearing anything significant enough to worry about at this time.

Of course, I've coughed more in the last half hour than I had all afternoon, i think, so i'm not sure how well the Tessalon is working. But I also had a fabulous bowl of hot homemade turkey stock (gotta love those little cubes of concentrated stock in my freezer) and some crackers, and that may be what's exciting things. i have some ice cream in the freezer that i'd love to be eating, but i have to wait until i'm sure the GI nonsense has passed. Thus the plain broth and crackers.



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