Feb. 20th, 2008

Wow. Last night, before I went off to bed, I told Eric how wonderful it was to feel half human again. This morning, i might be up to two thirds human again.

I'm still not well, mind you - my head is still stuffy, and my ears are kind of clogged. And I'm still coughing occasionally. The itchy throat is mostly gone, although it's still sore from all the abuse it's suffered this last week. My nose isn't runny anymore. I can breathe through my nose! Oh joy, oh bliss!

I will be able to go to my UEP event this afternoon. I may have no voice left after I talk to people to 2.5 hours (it's already pretty hoarse), but I won't be hacking and sneezing and scaring people away from the table from fear of getting the plague. Hooray!
I have a bunch of leftovers from my event today - raspberry, cardamom and coffee flavors. I'm selling them at a cut rate if you provide your own packaging or want them loose in a cello bag ($1.25/piece). Otherwise, my regular pricing holds ($22 for a box of 12, $13 for a box of 6). Let me know if you're interested. I will ship, probably by priority post at $5 for most orders, unless you do something crazy like order a bunch of boxes, in which case I'll contact you with details.

Quantities are (somewhat) limited, so first comment, first served.




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