Feb. 19th, 2008

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] jrittenhouse!
I've strained two muscles - one in my back and one in my stomach - from coughing. And I'm still coughing.

Liam was doing great. No fever, eating and sleeping normally. I was packing his lunch so that Eric could take him into daycare today when he started moaning, crying and clutching his hand to his ear. Yes, now he's got an ear infection. Since most ear infections are viral, they won't prescribe antibiotics for 72 hours - we're just supposed to give him Ibuprofen every 6 hours, and call back if he stops responding to the Ibuprofen or is still sick after 72 hours.

Now that the Ibuprofen has kicked in he's happy and cheerful again. But I suppose we still shouldn't take him to school. I made Eric stay home today, because I'm just too sick to try another day of looking after myself and him.

And on that note, I'm going to go tuck myself into bed.
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

At about 2 pm today I had a sudden surge upwards, and have felt better than I have in days. Which is still worse than during some previous illness, but by comparison is marvelous. So I am hopeful that things will continue to move forward.

I even felt well enough to go over to common meal, eat dinner, chat with my neighbors and attend a committee meeting. Whee!

I tried eating a spoonful of honey - supposed to relieve a sore throat and reduce coughing - but it didn't seem to help much. Now I'm sucking on a Riccola honey-lemon cough drop I got from a neighbor, and that is being helpful, just by keeping my throat lubricated, I think.

And here's the strangest thing. The best thing I can for my head and sinuses and throat right now is to walk outside into the 14F air and take the deepest breaths I can. Instant relief. It's a little to cold to do that for long, unfortunately. But even knocking the temp down in the house a little bit helps. We have our thermostat set to drop down during the day, and didn't adjust that to take into account being home today. So the furnace didn't kick in all day, and when it was at it's coolest is when I started feeling better. Come 4 or 5 o'clock when the evening programming came in, I started coughing again. Warm dry air = unhappy Tammy.



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