Feb. 18th, 2008

It's utterly heartbreaking to have to plead with your 3 year old to please not touch Mommy, because touching her hurts. That's the point at which I gave up and called Eric home early.

I've been sick to varying degrees since last Monday, but things took a decided turn for the worst on Friday. I spent the weekend coughing non-stop, and occasionally feverish. My cough is mostly gone today (although I had to dose it with codeine cough syrup to be able to sleep last night), but in its place is sinus congestion bad enough to completely block up my nose, and give me brutal ice-pick-to-the-brain headaches whenever the Tylenol wears off. I've been applying OTC medication solutions as warranted, but I have to avoid much use of decongestants because they keep me from sleeping, and I've used up my 3-day limit on nasal spray. (I wonder how many days off I have to take before I can have another 3 days?)

Edited to add: spoke too soon, i've coughed more in the last 10 minutes than I had all day long, damn it.

Liam's been sick too, since last Wednesday when he threw up in the car on the way home. On the weekend he was really sick, and happy to sleep most of the time. Today, though, he's feeling much more perky, but still not able to go to daycare. Which is not at all a good combination with a sick mom.

No fever for Liam today, so he should be okay for daycare tomorrow, assuming that holds. He took a regular length nap today instead of an ultra-long one, and is otherwise showing signs of being back to his old self. (Unlike last night, when he requested to go to bed at 6 pm.) That would be good, because I either need a day home to to do nothing but look after myself, or I need to go to work - my team is having a day and half long meeting that starts tomorrow morning. I am making no promises to anyone at this point.

I do really need to be at least functional by Wednesday afternoon, when I am supposed to be a vendor at the University Event Planners showcase. This is an event I've been looking forward to for months as an opportunity to promote tasting events and chocolates to U of M people, and I really, really want to be able to attend.



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