Jan. 21st, 2008


Jan. 21st, 2008 08:41 pm
Life's been busy lately. Lots of work and Tammy's Tastings stuff to get done before ConFusion. Then ConFusion, where I ran a couple of food track items, did sign shop, and published three editions of InFusion, the con newsletter. I had a really good time at the con - it was a great mix of jobs for me - I had something to keep myself busy with, but nothing that was time sensitive or critical. I could only make people's lives better - they'd need a sign, I'd make it for them, and they'd walk away happy. The newsletter was appreciated, but no one had any expectations for it, so anything I did was great. And my tasting events were enjoyed by all. I got to see lots of people that I see far too infrequently, so that was all good.

We flew my stepmom up to watch Liam, and they drove over to London, Ontario to visit my sister and her kids. The cousins all had a wonderful time together. Liam and my stepmom got back a couple hours before we did yesterday, so i got to spend some time last night and this morning with him. Then today my stepmom and I went to the airport to catch our respective flights. I'm spending the next three days in Oklahoma, helping to facilitate a state sector academy (don't worry if you don't understand that a bunch of those words mean).

The conference as at the national employee training center for the US Postal Service. The accomodations are run by Marriott, so the bed should be pretty comfortable, but I definitely can't say much about the ambience. We're out in the middle of nowhere, for one. The hotel restaurant is a cafeteria, for two. And the rooms are pretty small. Definitely not going to be much opportunity for extracurricular fun, like some of my other trips. But the cherry pie was pretty tasty.



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