Jan. 17th, 2008

Everything's live and good-to-go now, so if you want to order or pass this along to others, please do! My website got totally messed up for an unknown reason last night, but I recreated a bunch of pages today and it seems to be fine now.

February seems like the perfect month to celebrate chocolate. There's Valentine's Day, of course. But beyond that, chocolate just seems like the perfect pick-me-up for what can be an awfully dreary month. So this February, Tammy's Tastings is offering a bunch of different opportunities to get your chocolate fix!

First off, there's my Valentine's Day collection, featuring four flavors: White Chocolate & Lime, Passion Fruit, Curry and Earl Grey tea, in three box sizes: six, twelve and twenty-four. Place your order by February 1st, and you'll receive a surprise bonus treat with your order. Visit the website for full flavor descriptions and ordering details.

Then, come taste with Tammy! On Saturday, February 9th I'll be holding a dark chocolate tasting in Ann Arbor. If you've been wondering what a Tammy's Tastings event was like, here's your chance to find out. You'll taste fabulous dark chocolates from some of the world's best chocolate makers, like Amedei, Domori and Steve DeVries, and learn about how chocolate is grown and made.

Lastly, by popular demand, I'm offering another truffle-making workshop on Thursday, February 7th, in Ann Arbor. You'll make ganache, temper chocolate, and dip and decorate centers I've prepared for you in advance. Space is limited and pre-registration is required, so sign up early!

Don't hesitate to email me or call 734-276-3215 if you have any questions about these events, or are interested in holding your own event!

Wishing you good tastes,



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